Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zone Activities for Natal (Christmas)

Tudo Bem Familia,

Oi!!! Como Está?? Eu estou bem.

I got an update that I have three packages for me here!!! Can’t wait to get them!
I am so stoked to be able to skype in a few days. Muito Animado!!!!!!

Today we had our zone activities for Christmas. We were with a couple other zones, about 70 missionaries, and we just hung out in a chapel in Ceilandia. We had to take a bus to Taguatinga, and then a metrô to Ceilandia. I thought that was pretty fun.  But our activity was awesome!! We hung out, had a BBQ, then watched Despicable Me 2!! We are allowed to watch a movie for Natal :)
It was awesome!!! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. It was way sweeet.

This week has been pretty stressful. Just a lot of stuff!!! but I’m doing good. I’m missin Elder D.  Call.  I miss just being able to talk to him, cause when I was going through rough times, I could always talk to him and we was always willing to listen. He put my needs above his a lot, which was awesome. He’s a stud. He is a zone leader right now.
I miss y’all a ton!!!  Our area is doing good. There is this awesome kid, Mateus. He is 13 and a stud! He acts like he is 18 though. His story is awesome, he has already been to church twice. A few weeks ago, he was at his Uncles house and his uncle had a Book of Mormon. His uncle was like I don’t need this.  But Mateus was interested so he asked to have it. He was reading one day and loved it, and saw on the back of the Book the name of our Church. A few days later, he was walking down the street and saw a building. With the same name on the side of the building as on the Book. He saw a sign on the Church that said Welcome, 9-12 every Sunday. So that Sunday, he told his mom (who is awesome) that he was going to Church. She just said, no it’s too far. He kept saying he was going so she gave in and let him.  And that is how we met Mateus, in Sunday School :) He is a stud!!  He loves it. We went by his house the other day, he is out of town because his Grandpa died but his mom is so supportive and says Mateus doesn’t stop talking about how awesome church is and how cool the missionaries are.  The kid is Elect!!  He is so smart too. Already finished with high school almost. 
We also meant another guy named Leandro, a 17 year old. He was baptized in a different area, the same area as Elder Kesler, when we had 5 days here in Brasil. The other day we get a call from him, asking if we could stop by his house and tell him where the church is. He just moved to Santo Antonio with his mom, to live with his Grandma and aunt and uncle. The kid is an inspiration. He moved because his dad is a crazy drunk that doesn’t care about him or his mom. His mom is disabled, a noodle, and can’t talk or move. He takes care of her like a champ. Watching him care for her and giving her kisses on her cheek and just telling her how much he loves her was such an inspiration to me. This kid has been through so much. He has had to grow up fast. And through his difficulties he decided to get baptized. We brought him to Church and he just goes and talks to everyone and tries to make others feel welcome when it was his first day! Such a stud. But seriously, watching him take care of his mom, the way he cared for her almost made me cry. Such an inspiration. Love the kid.
Even when I’m having a rough time, or having rough days, it’s stuff like that just makes me look at the bigger picture and so grateful to be a part of this work. I have more cool stories but I’m running out of time so they will have to wait for next week. :)
I know Heavenly Father is watching over ‘y’all. I miss y’all a ton, I miss home, Christmas and everything, but I am so grateful to be here and a missionary. Putting my needs behind, to be able to help others is so humbling and has helped me grow a lot.
I love you all so much!!! Y’all are the Best!!!! Freakin Amazing :)


Elder Bean

Morning light in Santo Antonio


Zone Activity

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