Monday, July 21, 2014

Um Ano Já?! A Year Already?!

I can’t believe this week I will have 1 year on the mission!! it is crazy how fast it has flown by!!! I have gotten so use to being here and the routine. It’s weird thinkin that I’m on the downend!! But I still got a lot of time left to be a missionary and take advantage of the time I got left!!!

This week we found some new people to start teaching but mostly focused on the people we have been teaching. Everyday after 5:00 we are packed!! It’s already like pre-marked from other days in the week. I remember at times on my mission, we would sit down to plan at night for the next day, and sometimes we would have nothing marked, at the best one lesson. We would just have to put people in and hope they were home. Now we have at least 3 people marked solid everyday and we are teaching about 5 to 6 solid lessons in peoples homes a day!! on top of doing contacts and talking with people in the streets and visiting members and less actives. We are planning to have a baptism this Saturday for Augosto!!! he is doing great!! Raimundo and Ivaneide are still solid!!! We went with them both to teach Raimundo´s family. We watched the 15 minute Restoration video which was awesome and really brought in the Spirit, and then we bore our testimonies and why we know the Church was restored once again on the Earth. But the best part and most powerful was when Raimundo bore his testimony to his family. About how much he loves them and he knows all of it is true and that he wants them to all get baptised so they can all go to the temple!  The Spirit was super strong, and Ivaneide even spoke to about what she has been learning and how it just feels right!! it was a proud moment for sure!! it really increased my love for this family and for this Gospel!!
We had a bunch of awesome teaching experiences this week! Lookin back at this past year, its crazy how much has happened and how much I have grown as a person and a missionary. Getting here, understanding nothing and speakin nothing in lessons, to now knowing how to do it all!  This past year on the mission has given me such awesome experiences that I won’t ever forget!!!  I love our Savior and I love being HIS missionary!!!!!!!!

A Igreja é verdadeira!! Jesus Cristo vive! Ele nos ama!! Nós precisamos fazer nosso parte para que um dia possamos voltar e morar com Deus nos céus!!
Amo vocês!!!

[The Church is true! Jesus Christ lives! He loves us! We need to do our part so that one day we can return and live with God in heaven! 
Love you!]

Irmão Jose is such an awesome guy. He was baptized like a year ago.
We visit him a lot and I've grown to love him like family!!
His wife isn't a member but she's an awesome and loving lady!

Augusto aka Neymar Jr. He has some mad futebol skills

I was actually cold enough to wear a sweater,
mainly because I was sick and had chills :)

With Raimundo, Ivaneide and Raimundo's family. Love this family so much!!

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