Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Worn Out Shoes,Teaching the Gospel and Loving Itapoã


I can't believe the day has already come, Noah’s already headin out today!!!!! that is so crazy how fast it has come up. It literally feels like yesterday I saw the video of him openin up his call! But I’m so proud of him and I know he’s gonna be an incredible missionary and make a big impact!! He’s gonna be awesome!!!
This past week was really good!! We taught a ton of lessons, marked some baptism dates, and did a bunch of contacts with people in the streets.
It has been "winter" here. but still super hot here and super dry, and it hasn’t even hit the hottest time of the year yet!! not until September and October. It was funny cause the other day, It was super hot and we were talking to some lady in the street. She was like "You need to use sunscreen and drink lots of water, because it’s about to START getting hot here." I asked her "start to get hot?? What do you call this weather that we are having now???" haha.  But it’s all good!! I’m gettin used to it 
We are going to start teaching this family from Peru. They speak Span-gues (spanish and portugues). But it will be cool and my companion is fluent in Spanish and I’m able to understand a lot of it now!  Elder Fernandez is seriously a stud!! We noticed that I had a good sized hole in the side of my pants. Later, after taking a shower and getting ready we go out to work, and I noticed that I didn’t have a hole. I was like what happened?? I looked at Fernandez and he confessed that he had patched it up for me without me knowing! I was like dude you're the man!!    It’s small and simple things like that, that really mean a lot. He didn’t do it to receive thanks or for something in return, but just to be nice.  It meant a lot, now I gotta think of something to do for him. maybe I’ll buy him Açaí or something :)
We found this awesome family/friend group. We were out doing contacts and we saw a group of ladies with a couple guys sitting outside a gate to a house. I could tell they were staring at us and talking bout us since its pretty obvious we are foreigners, but we go over and start up a conversation! It went awesome. They liked us off the bat, and as we were leaving they invited us to come in and meet the rest of the family/friends. So inside the gate, there are like 8 separate houses, full of family and friends. So we met a ton of people, and then scheduled to come back this week on Wednesday. About 30 people agreed to be there, and listen to our lesson that we will share!  We are pretty excited to get over there this week!
But other than that, all of our investigators are doing good and progressing!! I’m loving Itapoã and I don’t want to leave here, I’m feelin in my gut that I will be leaving after this transfer but I really hope that I stay!! 

I love yall so much, I know Noah’s gonna do awesome, have a ton of success, have life-changing experiences, and make yall proud!!! 


Elder Bean

Oh yeah,

Augusto´s  2 year old nephew is so funny. He knows how to say "Bean".
yesterday we go over there, we knock on the gate and when we enter he goes 

hahha its hilarious.  Little Miguel. 

When we left he goes  Eu te amo bean. ahah   I love you bean.

He’s a little stud!!

Enjoying some fun with things from my "one year" package

Duct tape is awesome to fix the insoles of my shoes

Missionary Life....the shoes!!

View of Itapoã from a balcony of a members house where we ate lunch!
They fed us well it was so good; rice, beans, meat with onions,
pasta, salad, chicken and mango juice!

Raimundo and Ivaneida surprised us twice this week with bringing us
dinner after we got home!! They really do take care of us and love us!! They are awesome!

Pão Françes  (french bread).  its soooo good here! Within ten minutes of
walking from our house you pass 7 bakeries. They are all over the
place making the fresh bread. It's awesome!

Every transfer I get a new planner. Everyone covers the
front and back with pictures, check out mine below

Alma 17:13 And it came to pass when they had arrived in the borders of the
land of the Lamanites, that they separated themselves and departed one from another,
trusting in the Lord that they should meet again at the close of their harvest; for they
supposed that great was the work which they had undertaken.

Ready for Church

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