Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Companion

Tudo Bem Família :)

Today was transfer day!!! Elder D. Call was transferred and I stayed here in Santo Antonio. My new companion is Elder F. Machado, a 22 year old Brasilero. Super cool guy!! I will probably stay here in Santo Antonio for one more transfer, so until January then I’ll be transferred.
For transfers, they call us Sunday night at the end of the 6 weeks, and tell us if we are staying or transferred. Elder D. Call expected to leave so he had already packed, and I didn’t since I figured I would stay. Which is what I wanted. I love it here. Elder D. Call taught me a lot. And Elder F. Machado will really help me learn the language since I won’t be able to speak any English with him. He’s a stud.
This week went by really fast. I did an exchange on Tuesday with Elder Labrada and Elder Reis. Elder Labrada came to Santo Antonio with me. He is awesome. We have been out in the mission for the same amount of time, but he was born in Brasil so he got his visa right away. He lives in California. He only had to stay 10 days in the São Paulo MTC since he is fluent in both Português and English.  He is a stud! He went to UCLA for three years already. Super smart and way cool. He taught me a lot. One of my best friends out here on the mission!!
Waldivino is doing great! He ended up buying us a pizza after one of our lessons with him.  Messias is ignoring us now. It's a difficult situation. He used to call us all the time to schedule lessons, now he doesn’t accept our calls or when he does he just makes excuses and cancels. We decided to give him time. It was so hard. Marcia even doesn’t know what happened.
We taught this new guy named João. I had such a great experience teaching him.  We were teaching the message of the Restoration. When it got to the part of the First vision, I started saying the memorized, line for line part that Joseph says in his words. I felt the spirit so strong. It filled my entire body and I knew João was feeling it too! Before I knew it I had tears in my eyes and my body started shaking, but I was still able to say it and then explain the first vision better than I ever have!  It was a testimony builder to me that it was true!! João even teared up. He said he felt his heart burning. As did I. It was such an amazing experience. I knew the only reason why the message touched his heart, and why I was able to continue speaking, better than I ever have is because the Spirit was with me. He was guiding the words out of my mouth.
It is so cool being able to be the mouth piece for what these people need. And asking inspired questions.
I love being a missionary. It is awesome. It is so weird, always having struggles and being tired and hungry all the time, but yet so happy. Missing home like crazy but yet knowing I’m doing what Heavenly Father wants me to be doing. Helping others to come unto Christ. It is so great seeing how the Gospel helps improve peoples lives, and helps them know they can turn to God when the have struggles in life and when they are happy as well. I always tell people that this life is not easy. It is hard. But yet, there is so much happiness as well.
I am grateful to be a part of this great work. Whenever I’m really down, and having a hard time, I know I can get on my knees and pray to Heavenly Father. Such a blessing. And I think about all those other guys I know that are out all over the world serving a mission as well. It brings peace. And seeing families grow closer together, and become more loving is such an awesome thing to watch here.
I love you all so so so much!!!! Eu sou grato por tudo. Eu amo vocês mutio!!! Tanto Tanto Tanto.
Take care. Have a great week. Enjoy thanksgiving!!!!! NOSSA!!! I miss the holidays (Nossa means "our" but it is slang for O my gosh) 
I miss yall like crazy!!!!!!! Te amo!!!


Elder Bean

The city of Santo Antonio. behind me

My zone

With Elder Pedroso, he went home last week. Studdd

Lucas and Gabriel

Saying goodbye to Elder D. Call at transfers

My new companion, Elder F. Machado
We love getting Subway cookies!

I love the Texans, but this just describes how they are playing right now. Dead!!

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