Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eu Sou Muito Grato / I Am Very Grateful


Wow this week flew by so fast!! The fastest week I have had so far. I’m starting to get in the rhythm of things and getting use to life here. I miss yall like crazy though!!!! But don’t worry about me, everything is going good! :)

We have 5 people with baptism dates!! Messias, Domingas/familia, and Johnny. Messias is supposed to be baptized this Saturday on the 9th!! But last night, as we were teaching him he said he felt like he was having doubts and not feeling ready yet. I told him about how before my mission, and even during the first few weeks here I felt like I wasn’t ready and prepared for it. I was, doubting myself and if I could really do this for two years. And even though it is still hard being away from home, I now know that I am meant here and this is where Heavenly Father needs me. Sometimes we just have to have faith, and know that it will get better. Whenever I have had doubts, or am missing home really bad, I can pray to Heavenly Father and He helps me by helping me feel peaceful and comforted.
When we walked away from Messias´s, I could feel the Spirit so strong. He is still deciding on either this Saturday, or next week, or sometime later. It really felt like we had just endured a battle. I was so worn out. I have seen Heavenly Father work in the lives and hearts of people so much throughout my mission so far. But I have also seen how the adversary, and Satan influences for the worst. That Satan really does not want Messias or other people to be baptized or follow the example of Jesus Christ. 

On Halloween, Me and Elder D. Call felt like we had to celebrate somehow. ha. I bought an orange tie and he wore a black tie, so we would at least look like Halloween. Here they don’t celebrate it but they still have a name for it, Dia das Bruxas. So we bought a big bag of candy and we made a goal that we would eat it all that night so we would go to bed having that sick feeling from eating a lot of candy haha. I passed out some candy to kids as we walked around too. We had a family home evening activity at some members and we brought Danilo with us. Danilo received the Priesthood last week, he is doing awesome!!
We have been teaching a lot of people this week. I love just going up to people on the streets and just sharing with them a message about their Heavenly Father, that they are children of God, and that Jesus Christ is their Savior. I love seeing these people´s moods just change, and they are smiling and happy.

The language is getting a lot easier. It is still hard for me to understand the people that speak super fast or that mumble. Those people usually don’t understand me too well either. Ha. Older people still have a hard time understanding me. Teenagers, and younger adults usually seem to understand everything I say. It is so cool being able to communicate in a different language. 
My testimony of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ is strengthened everyday. I am seeing more and more the blessings I have had, and continue to have in my life. There are so many times when I am feeling down and missing family and home, that He just picks me up and I feel better!  I am so grateful to have the opportunity that I have to serve a mission here. I have become more grateful for the things I had back home and starting to appreciate more of the little things. For example, I took for granted being able to walk around my house and take a shower without sandals :) ha. Now I have to! ha. 

I have gotten to try a lot of new foods. The fruit here is amazing!! I also like this type of sugarcane. It looks like wood. You chew on it and suck the juice out and then you spit out the wooden part. Cow heart has the same texture and tastes just like hot dog. haha. And I really like tomatoes now...  I really feel like I have been blessed to be more willing to eat things and like things I normally wouldn’t have. I hated tomatoes.. now I really like them. :)
We were eating at someone’s house the other day and she goes "Você gosta de Gato" (do you like cat) But the word for "Rat" is Rato (sounds like Hato).  I swore she said "Você gosta de Rato"   I was thinking to myself.Wat?? I just ate freakin rat!! haha it was funny.

I bore my testimony yesterday in church. So "Grato" means grateful. So I would say "Eu sou muito grato" (I am very grateful)  Now my companion thought I said Grato but some youth in the ward thought I said "Gato"   Gato means cat but also a word they use for "Cute". So they thought I was up there in church saying "Eu sou muito gato"  (I am very cute!) haha
I just joked with the youth afterwards when they were telling me this, all I do is testify of the truth anyways :) haha  I really need to work on my pronunciations. 
There are a lot of German descents in Southern Brasil, so I always tell everyone I am from southern Brasil. No one believes me though cause my accent is too strong haha.  Last week these girls that we passed by in the street wanted to take a picture with me since I was American. I told them I was Brasilian but they didn’t believe me either.
Being a missionary is hard, I still get frustrated when I can't say what I want to say, but it is so rewarding and I know it will bless these peoples lives, as well as mine and family´s!!
I miss you all soo much!!! Thank you for all your prayers for me. They have helped so much. My motto is "Just Do It" :)  just keep on truckin.
I love you!!!!!!!  Familias são eternas!!!!!


Elder Bean

With Luan

Subway in Taguatinga

In Brasilia outside of one of the stadiums for the World Cup.

Museum in Brasila

National Congress of Brasil

Brasilia with Elder D. Call, Redd and Grisham

Drinking Terere at Elder Redd's and Grisham's apartment.

Eating carne on a stick, they have these stands all over town
selling meat on a stick for 1 real (50 US cents)

City view of Santo Antonio do Descoberto

We ate at Mary Donalds, it was good!

With Miro, he was the ward mission leader. He and his family
have made me feel so welcomed and loved here.

Love getting letters!!

Eating at Gula's...our favorite restaurant!

When we go out to eat, I bring my "Tonys"

With Danilo on Halloween night.

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