Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grateful to Be an Instrument in God's Hands


Dang can’t believe it is 7 months already today in the mission!!!! The time is seriously flying by now. This past week was awesome!!!! We found this awesome new family that is so special!! We are seeing them again tonight. Leandro and Fayna. Funny story, so one day we were going to Sandra´s house. The lady that we helped carry bags one day in the street. We go to her house, and we find out that a new family was moving in! We found Leandro moving furniture in the house and found out that he and his family were moving in.  We helped and then asked to come back another day. They are awesome!!! Nossa Senhora they are sooo specail. The love and happiness in their home is so so strong, they have a 6 year old son, Daniel, and she is a couple months pregnant. Daniel is such a cool kid. The Spirit was so strong when we were teaching them. We knew afterwards that we were meant to find this family. I can't describe, how special it was being in their humble home. The level of happiness and love was indescribable. They are going to the English class we teach on Wednesday and going to church next week.  
We have still been teaching Ercília, Laurena, and Gabriel. Wow they are doing so awesome too. Our lesson this week with them was so spiritual. We taught the Plan of Salvation and I felt the Spirit so strong while testifying that families are eternal. Even Ercília started crying when I was talkin about living with our loved ones forever and eternal marriage. Ercília and Laurena went to church and then went to have lunch afterwards at the Stake President´s house with his family. Talk about awesome!! He actually gave us the reference for them. He took the same English class as them and told them he knew two Americans that could help with them with English and share a message about Christ. Our stake president here is awesome!!!! The guy is a champ!!  They really enjoyed church. 
Gabriel couldn't go, but last night we took two of the young men from our ward who are studs and love to play futebol just like Gabriel does. It went awesome. They invited Gabriel to play with them this Thursday at the church, and Gabriel was stoked. They all bonded fast. This will help Gabriel feel more comfortable in coming to church knowing he has some buds already there. 
Today for Pday we actually played futebol!! ha. I am so grateful to be here in Gama. Everyday is a new day full of experiences that I will never forget. I am really starting to notice the miracles that are happening around me. Me and Tippetts are still killing it and workin really hard together. I have learned so much out here on the mission. I have learned to be more grateful for what I have and be humble. It is so cool teaching people and just doing contacts on the street and already having such a deep love for this person. Knowing that they are also another child of God that God loves just as much as He loves me. I am so grateful to be used as an Instrument, In His hands to help his children here in Brasilia. 
I love yall so much!!! Stay strong. Have faith, and know that whenever we have trials, we will only come out more stronger then before through Heavenly Father´s help. He only gives us things we can handle. I miss yall a ton!!! see ya next week!!! Te amo!!!! Obrigado por tudo!!


Elder Bean

Drinking Coca Cola with Agostinho, love this guy

With Elder Sowards!!!  e Agostinho

Agostinho and his son Lucas

Pudding from care package

More soccer pictures from the other week

Love Futebol

Elder Labrada

Eating pizza on Valentine's Day

Celebrating Elder Soward's birthday

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