Monday, October 20, 2014

Transferred back to Gama Leste and made Zone Leader!!!


 Wow. talk about crazyy.
So today was transfers! and last night I found out I would be transferred. I was feeling that it would happen but it was still hard actually finding out that I had to leave Itapoã. It was incredibly hard having to say goodbye to the people there. Saying bye to Augusto and Raimundo and Ivaneide was like saying by to family. Was seriously hard. As we left Raimundo´s house, Ivaneide was trying to stay strong, but then she lost it and started crying really hard. It was so hard to leave. But I’m so grateful to have had the 4 months there and to feel strongly in my heart that I "Left it all on the field" in Itapoã. I love that area and the people so much. Felt so much love from them saying goodbye.
So today at transfers I found out my "new" area. I got called as a Zone Leader in..... GAMA LESTE!!!!!!!!!! hahahah I was so stoked!!  I left Gama Leste 4 months ago as a district leader and now I’m returning as a zone leader!! I'm so excited to be back here and see everyone and help out the people I baptized here. Zona Alvorada!!! My companion is Elder B. Almeida, from Brasil. Now in Gama Leste, the two zone leaders are in separate companionships but we all live together and work in the same area. So the other zone leader is Elder Willardson (American) and his companion is Elder Barusso da Silva (Brasilian). I feel so great and feel like I truly needed to come back here. It's funny cause I can’t find my camera (hopefully it’s at the church or in my bags somewhere) and it had all my photos on it and of saying by to people, and usually I would of been ticked and thrown a fit, but I’m too happy of being back in Gama to be ticked. Even though it was so tough to leave Itapoã. But I’m prayin that I’ll find the camera and all will be good. 
This past week in Itapoã was incredible. We marked a wedding date with Raimundo and Ivaneide for November 7th, Ivaneide´s baptism November 8th, and her confirmation November 9th!!!. I’m really hoping that I’ll get permission to go back to Itapoã for the baptism. So stoked that after 4 months of being with them it is all going to work out. Raimundo is already talking about going to the temple a year from now! Such a champ!!!
We have a bunch of baptism dates marked in Itapoã for the month of November. A solid date marked for each weekend. It was hard leaving Elder Fernandez since we have grown really close, but I know he will do great up there with his new companion. Here in Gama, they don’t have teaching groups so we are gonna start from ground zero, but it is awesome!! I feel like I’m such a better prepared missionary now than I was 4 months ago here in Gama. I know that the Lord needed me to come back here for a reason.
But this past week was incredible, one of the best weeks on the mission. Grateful for all the wonderful experiences and the blessings I received in Itapoã and the wonderful people the Lord blessed me to be able to meet and come to love like family!  I am looking forward for the many experiences to come here in Gama Leste and help our zone accelerate the work and help God´s children here in our part of the " Lord´s vineyard" in Brasilia Brasil.   
I love you all!! Know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. I love the mission, and so grateful for our Heavenly Father and the personal relationship each on of us can have with Him. He loves us! Christ lives and has shown us the way. O caminho é estreito e apertado. Stayin on the right path and obeying all the commandments is hard sometimes and isn’t always easy, but it sure is worth it!! 


Elder Bean I

Elder Fernandez gave me some pics to post today. I'm praying I find my camera!!

We all stayed the night in Sobradinho and had a district meeting the next day, was a blast!!

A restaurant where some of the zone went and ate in Sobradinho. It was an all you
can eat pizza place with a thousand types of pizza that they would bring out every
15 seconds to the table and if you wanted it you could have it. They also had a sushi bar.

Elder Marim, from Chile

First time eating sushi on the mission

An awesome member family, He's the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and she's the
Relief Society president. She helps us a ton and has our backs when the other ladies
at church cancel lunch on us. She is always checking on us.

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