Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Então, Sou Muito Grato Estar Aqui no Gama Novamente!!! So I'm Very Grateful to Be Here Again in Gama!!!!

Então, sou muito grato estar aqui no Gama novamente!!!
I really missed the people I left behind in Itapoã and my prayers this week were full of thoughts for them. But I am so grateful to be here in Gama now and we hit it hard this past week.
Since I already know the area really well, I didn’t have to get accustomed or anything the first couple days which causes the work to go slow, was able to hit it hard day one!! One of the positives is for the past month because of the elections, they have had a bus that goes through the city which is free. And they are always passing by so we can schedule a lot of things since it takes time out of walking. Starting this Saturday though, they will start charging bus fares again.  When I got here, we had no baptism dates and no teaching group. Just two people.  Now we have 4 baptism dates marked and found 17 new people this week that we found and taught, and are wanting to continue to learn more from us!! Such a blessing. We also visited Dino!!!! The missionaries stopped teaching him about 3 months cause he wasn’t progressing. So he hadn’t been to church during the past 3 months. But guess who gave us a ride to church on Sunday.. Dino!!!!  We visited him this week and it was such a great spiritual experience. He is wanting to start hearing the messages again. We will see how it goes. It was awesome seeing old investigators, recent converts, and members here that I already have known. They all noticed how much better I’m speaking now. We visited Agostinho of course this week as well!!! Missed that guy. Raimunda about lost it when I showed up at her house, she was just full of tears and happiness that I returned. I love that little old lady so much. ha.
I’m enjoying being a zone leader, our zone is full of great hardworking missionaries and its been a blast getting to work closely with all of them. We played soccer today with some of the guys from the zone. We have a new American who just got on the mission last week in our zone. He is doing great pickin up the language and his companion is a stud Brasilian (Elder Figueredo, who stayed with me in Itapoã for 5 days 3 months ago). So I know not being able to speak English with his companion must be hard but he is doing great!!
This week was full of awesome and spiritual experiences. Truly a memorable week. The weeks are flying by so fast. Can’t believe I have 1 year and 3 months now. I’m lovin the work here. We have some great families that we are teaching and are hoping that November and December are going to be months full of people in white (baptisms!!!).  I am so grateful to be a missionary and see the hand of the Lord in people´s lives, but also see how He is changing my life as well!! 
I love and miss y’all a ton!!!! abraço!!!

Elder Bean I

I am so thankful for all the emails that I have received. It really helps me so much and I’m so grateful. I promise that I read each and every one of them, but I have very limited time to email and sometimes don’t have enough time to reply to everyone, so if I don’t reply just know that I am really grateful and that it really helped me out and picked up my spirits. Truly does mean a lot to me.  Thank you a ton, love y’all.

Our Mission car :)

With some of the guys from our zone after playing soccer. My companion is the guy in the red jersey sitting next to me. The other zone leader, Elder Willardson, is above me in the yellow Brasil shirt.

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