Friday, February 20, 2015

Carnaval In Brasil...Plenty of Missionary Opportunities

This past week was Carnaval!!! It basically started Saturday and ended on Wednesday. It’s a bigtime holiday here!! We had to get home a little early every night just to be safe. Gets pretty crazy here! Here in Brasilia most of the people travel to the other cities where the parties are bigger, but we still saw a bunch of crazy stuff since we live within walking distance of downtown. 
The week was good though!! On Friday I got to have the privilege of doing a baptism interview with a 65 year old man named José Filho but he likes to be called "Zé Filho". It was the most interesting, spiritual, and enjoyable baptismal interview that I have been able to have. He is so awesome!! I learned so much from Zé Filho. He teaches philosophy. He’s a super funny guy. But during the interview, it was incredible the way he would talk about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He truly has "come unto Christ" and changed his life around. He loves the prophet Joseph Smith and hearing him relate the first vision and things about the prophet, it was as if they were great, dear friends! Querido amigos. He has such gratitude for what he did. His questions were incredible and he has such desire to change his life around and have a new beginning. I think I walked out of that interview feeling like I learned more from him than he had from me. It was awesome!   After the interview he prayed and asked for blessings on my family back home. It is really special when hearing investigators pray on behalf of my family and loved ones back home. 
We attended his baptism on Saturday which was great!! He is seriously one of the funniest guys I know. He’s a special guy for sure!! 
On Monday we had an awesome Zone Activity at a legit apartment complex in Aguas Claras. that had a soccer court, tennis court, basketball court and a games room with ping pong and stuff (have two swimming pools but we cant swim;)). We ordered a pizza and had a great time with the missionaries from the zone. We played basketball with some older guys which ended up turning into a great missionary opportunity and they accepted the invite to go to church and have the lessons.
On Saturday (valentines day) we got a call from some Elders in another area saying that one of the members in there area is in the hospital near us with her 7 month old baby and the baby wasn’t doing too good and needed a blessing. I called the Father and he explained how he was heading to work and had no way of being able to go. We then went to the hospital where his wife and daughter were. Here in Brasilia there are some good quality hospitals. The one that we went to was more of clinic and in not good conditions. We were able to get in and the receptionist led us as we weaved ourselves through the hallway that was filled with little sick children and their parents (the clinic was overfilled in the rooms so people were treated in the hallways). Being there, made me want to be a pediatrician.  I felt so sad seeing these children suffering yet when we walked by and said hi, they would smile say "Tudo Bem" and have the look on their face like it was Christmas morning. It made me want to be a doctor, and later in life come back to poorer countries and do a service mission and help with healthcare.  We found our way to the room where the mom and her daughter were. When we got there, her face brightened and was really happy. The baby (Louise) was awake and so cute  but was hooked up to all these machines. She looked like a fighter, but things were not going good. The Sprit that I felt as I entered that room hit me hard. It was powerful and I could feel the Spirit of the Lord there. We talked with the mom who I could tell was having a rough time. She was a really sweet lady. It’s her first child and I could tell she was very worried and upset. I then got to give Louise a blessing. It was one of the sweetest spiritual experiences I have had as I layed my hands on her tiny little head.  It was very special and I knew with a certainty that Louise would be ok!  We stayed a little longer and offered to call members from the area to bring food or to come and visit.  After the blessing the mom was full of tears and gratitude. 
I felt an extreme gratitude for all I have been blessed with and for being worthy to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands and exercise the priesthood. No one is perfect. But when we try to do what is right and put ourselves into the Lord´s hands, He will use us to help others. 
I know Christ lives and that He died for each and every one of us. To give us all the opportunity to choose the right, choose to follow HIM, and live eternally with Him, with our Heavenly Father, and with our families. I love the Gospel! It brings true happiness to our lives and allows us to be changed by the grace of Christ and become better individuals, and have a loving and united family. 
Take care!!! I love you

Elder Bean I

Zé Filho's baptism: Elder Lenon, Zé Filho, Me, Elder Godinho 

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