Friday, February 27, 2015

Campeonato das Referências

This week was the start of the transfer!!! Me and Elder Barbosa stayed together and we are really excited about this transfer. Every transfer goes by faster and faster. After this one I will only have 3 more transfers!!! So crazy to think that. 
This week we got to go to the airport and welcome the new missionaries and then go eat lunch at President and Sister Lundgren´s house. Sister Lundgren made American brownies and made it into a sundae with ice cream, which was awesome!!  It is crazy to see new missionaries come in, cause it feels just like yesterday that was me! And knowing that they have 2 years of incredible, life changing experiences ahead of them.
We have two solid investigators that are really progressing towards being baptized in March. Ritchielle is liking the lessons and thinking and praying about being baptized. The rest of her family was baptized in October and her boyfriend is a returned missionary, and she is wanting to really make the decision for herself! She is ready and knows it’s true, we just need to be patient! We will have a family home evening tonight at Scott and Cris´s house and Ritchielle´s family will be there.  Cayre is a 22 year old guy who is a stud. He is super smart and a friend of Ritchielle´s family. He is reading the Book of Mormon and has already been to church. He has tons of questions, but they are solid questions. We can tell he really wants to know has desire.   
This past Sunday we implemented something with our ward at church called "Campeonato das Referências". (Championship of References (referrals)).  A "referência" is when a member of the church gives us a name and address of one of their friends who they would like to introduce to the missionaries and have us visit. The church here is awesome with great members and we know the best way to work and have success, is through the members. I designed some papers and we put it up on the mural at church and explained to the members in the classes what would happen. From now until March 15th, we will see what members can give the most references. We will write them down on the list at church and how many they have given. After the 15th, we will see who gave the most. The Top 3 families who gave the most references  will receive a prize. Us 6 missionaries in the ward will cook an American style breakfast for each family!!   We wanted to serve the people who "win" instead of just give them a chocolate bar or somethin. The ward is getting competitive and really excited :) haha. As of right now our Bishop is in first place!! ha. It's awesome!!

thanks for all the prayers/letters/emails/packages/ etc. yall are the best!!!!
Always remember God loves each and every one of you and is there for us at every moment of this journey that will lead us back to His presence one day!! 

with love,

Elder Bean

Staying together for another transfer!

Office fun :)
Me and Redson we call him "Red". He is awesome and hilarious.
He drives the mission van for us in the office. During a stressful day
he makes things lighter cause he’s awesome and so funny. haha
Tired after a long day :)
Three new Elders arrived!

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