Monday, May 4, 2015

God Hears Our Prayers!! I Know For Myself That When We Ask in Faith, We Shall Receive.

Today for Pday we played some futebol and had a zone activity with all the missionaries in our zone!! Futebol (soccer) is such a blast playing, really good competition playing with the Brazilians. We have a really fun zone and this is the last week of the transfer so next Monday many of them will be leaving to different areas. It is so crazy how fast this transfer flew by! I only have two more transfers left which is crazy to think about. 
This week we went and did exchanges in an area called Sobradinho-2. It was a ton of fun and super effective. Sobradinho-2 has four missionaries serving there, Elder Laurentino, Elder Ostrom, Elder Smith, and Elder Machado. All studs!!  Me and Elder Duarte went there along with the two zone leaders (Elder Figueiredo and Elder Marrot) who have Sobradinho in their zone, so we could split up and have 8 missionaries in one area for one day. 4 companionships. We all ate lunch at the same house with this awesome member family who was willing to make lunch for all 8 of us. Awesome family.  Me and Elder Duarte split up with the Seniors and the zone leaders split up with the Juniors.  We made a challenge to see whoever returned home at night with the most baptism dates marked during the day wouldn’t have to pay for pizza. I went and worked with Elder Smith. It was awesome being able to work with him for a day. He is a fellow Texan, from Austin!  We ended up marking 4 baptism dates and not having to pay for pizza :). We ran around like crazy, knocking doors, talking with everyone, and visiting their investigators that they have. We knocked on a door and found an incredible family that felt the Spirit super strong during our visit and made a commitment to be baptized. The Spirit was really strong and we returned home knowing we had given it our all.
It is awesome being able to do exchanges and get to know more of the missionaries personally. It is so important to not just do an exchange to work hard and have great numbers that day, but to be able to talk with the missionary and see how they are doing and what they are needing. Me and Elder Smith had some great conversations and had a great time.
On Saturday, we got to stay in our area here in Cruzeiro and we served the whole day with Cleiton, a stud 18 year-old member who is going on a mission this summer. We had a ton of success and visited a lot of inactive families. Cruzeiro and Asa Sul use to be in different wards but about 1 year and a half ago, they were combined. There are a lot of families here who were very very active and strong in the church (bishops, teachers, stake relief society president, etc.) who are now completely inactive. We have 6 families that we are going to really focus on to help bring back into activity. We found their names on the ward roster. On Saturday night, we went to one of the families, and they accepted us really well and we bonded quickly! They were active in the church for almost 20 years, and have been inactive for 2 years. They already have been sealed in the temple and everything. We did our best to really Listen and focus in on what their needs are so we are able to help them. They are a really special family and we are going back there this week. We have some investigators who are progressing and will be baptized at the end of May or in June! 
Really looking forward to Mother´s Day which means... skype!!!!!! :) I’m so stoked. My 4th and the last time. It feels yesterday we were skyping on Christmas!  Now it’s already May :) I love you all so much and looking forward to it. 
I am so so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and that I have the opportunity to be able to help others come to know it everyday here on the mission!! The mission has changed my life and I am so grateful for the learning experiences that come each day. I have come to love the scriptures and have appreciation for the types of courageous people and heros that I read about who stood firm in their faith in Jesus Christ and never faltered. I am reading the Book of Mormon again from cover to cover again before going home. I have seen the prophet Nephi so much differently now than I use to. He was truly a man of God who CHOSE to be obedient and keep the commandments and follow God with a loving heart. He didn’t do it complaining or whining (like his brothers who were obedient in many aspects but did it grudgingly), but did it with a "heart full of song" and with his eyes single to the glory of God. He knew his purpose!! He knew the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for him personally, and for his loved ones, and all the future generations. I am so grateful for the testimony I have of the Book of Mormon. I have asked God to know if it truly is another testament of Jesus Christ, that along with the Bible testifies of our Savior. I have received an answer and truly know for myself that it is the truth, and day in day out that answer is strengthened every time I read the scriptures and feel the Spirit testifying to my heart and soul that it is the truth. I am so grateful for prayer, I know for myself that when we ask in faith, we shall receive. God hears our prayers!! Whether it’s from a 2 year old child, or a 20 year old missionary, or a full grown adult who feels that they have fallen off the path. Heavenly Father has such a miraculous eternal love for each and every one of us. He wants us to succeed!! He is always listening!! 
I love my Savior and I love His Gospel.  I love you all!! 
Have a wonderful week!

Elder Bean

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We were eating lunch at the mall and this lady from mcdonalds came up and asked, "Would you all like to do a free tour of our mcdonalds and see what happens behind the scenes?"  I answered, "If I do it, will you give me free french fries?"  she responded "Yes!!!!!" :)  hahah  so we got a 5 minute tour of mcdonalds and got free fries out of it :) lol

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