Thursday, June 25, 2015

So so Busy!! Last Transfer!!!

I am havin a blast and lovin it!  Me and Duarte stayed as APs and the two new guys we are trainin are Elder Xavier and Elder Batista!! It is gonna be an awesome transfer. Elder Batista is my companion but us four are always together.  We will end up flying back to Palmas this transfer to do a mission conference there on the 21st of July and then on July 28th we wil have a mission wide conference in Brasilia (except for Palmas). 

Us four get along really well and its been a blast!!

Elder Ribeiro, Raimundo and Me 
Padre Bernardo

Learning how to make "pão de queijo" (cheese bread)  when I was in 
Padre Bernardo doing a trade with the missionaries there. It is at an investigators 
house. We had visited her and her husband the day before and she invited us to come 
over at 7 in the morning the next day to make cheese bread before the bus for 
Elder Duarte and I left for Brasilia!  They are awesome.    

With Elder Clark and Kesler

Selfies on Sister Rowe's ipad

A few days ago at lunch. the elders from Aguas Claras came to 
do our baptism interviews. we will have 2 hopefully 3 this weekend.

Speaking at transfers, reading off the list of where
they will go and who their new companions are.
Room full of missionaries!

Picking up the new missionaries at the airport.

Elder Roberto, Santos, Vera, Dobner, Bean, Batista, Xavier

Welcome lunch for the new missionaries.
Eight new missionaries!!

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