Monday, June 1, 2015

Some Good Visits this Week - New Missionary Couple Arrives

This week we received three more missionaries from the states, and also an older missionary couple that will be working in the mission office, Elder and Sister Rowe. They are awesome and bring a great spirit to the office. They are helping a ton.  The week went by really quick!! I did a baptism interview in Aguas Claras and we stayed the night there with the zone leaders. It was good to be able to catch up with them and see what we could do to help them and their zone. We had a great lesson with 3 teenage guys that are recent converts and have been going a little inactive from church. We taught them at the church institute building and it was a really great spiritual experience. We had a scripture study and had each person (including us) choose a favorite scripture verse or story and explain about it. By the end of the lesson, all three of them were feeling the spirit really strong and wanting to go to church every Sunday and to renew their baptismal covenants by partaking of the sacrament. I was able to learn a lot from that lesson as well and felt inspired to try to do more to help others come to know Christ, and to continue strengthen my own testimony. 
We had a great visit with Scott and Cris this week, we took Elder and Sister Rowe there so they could get to know them. It was great! We always feel a ton of love in their home and they take great care of us. Scott and Cris are some of the best member-missionaries that I have known!
This week an elder got sick from a far away city that didn’t have a hospital so they came down to Asa Sul. They had been there for 5 hours already and it was getting late and so we decided to go meet them so they could stay with us in Cruzeiro. I took Elder Ellis who is from Texas as well (Cypress area)  out to eat while my companion stayed at the hospital with Elder Fonseca. When he got released from the hospital, they told him to return in two days so they just stayed with us until he had to go back. By Saturday when they went back, I was feeling super sick as well so we all went together. ha. I got a shot and some medicine in an IV so I was all good to go! :)  
I’ve been hearing a lot about the flooding going on back home! I hope everyone is ok and know that y’all are in my prayers!
Much Love from Brazil,

Elder Bean

Me and Sister and Elder Rowe, they are from Cottonwood Heights, Utah.


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