Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Brings True Peace

This week was really good!! The mission council on Tuesday was awesome! We were able to talk about several things and get a good idea about what we would talk about at the mission conference. I have learned so much from President Lundgren and hearing him talk with and train the other missionaries. 
So here in Asa Sul, we also watch over another ward in Lago Sul since they don’t have set missionaries there so we only teach people there if they are referrals. Lago Sul is the wealthiest part of Brasilia and has a lot of gate shut communities which makes it hard to teach people unless they are referrals from members.  We have been teaching an awesome lady named Maíra there and she accepted a batismal date for the 22 of August!  She has two young kids and just recently got divorced so has been goin through a rough time. She has been going to church and reading the Book of Mormon and feels that it is true! 
Me and Elder Batista decided to go to church in Lago Sul today because of Maíra and also to let the ward know that they will be receiving missionaries next transfer. I was really excited to go to church since about a third of the ward is American! A lot of them work the US or Canadian embassies.  A lot of big American families which was really cool!!  It’s such an awesome ward and they love when missionaries are there. Met some great people, several who have even lived in Texas at some point. I realized how bad my English really is haha.
Earlier in the week Elder Batista and I were able to meet with the ward mission leader in Lago Sul at his home. He and his family just recently got here to Brasil and he is part of the Air Force and works at the embassy. They have 9 kids, all blonde blue eyed kids!! haha super cool,  really stick out here! They are so great! He speaks fluent Portuguese since he had served a mission in Brasil. It was so great being able to visit their awesome family. They are so excited about missionary work which is a blessing to us!!
We were able to visit Eric again in the hospital. We got there just as they told him that things were worsening and would need to be moved to intensive care for a few days to see if it gets better. His wife was there this time and it was really tough on her. We tried our best to comfort and we felt the peace that comes from the knowledge we have of the gospel, that all would be well. Just felt a peace as we talked with Eric. A little afterwards a doctor came in saying that they would be moving him over just for a few days as a precaution and that everything will be work out.  
In the world we live in, I know that the only true thing that will bring us true peace in our hearts is the knowledge we have of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It isn’t just something we say to feel good or a great story, but it is Real!  It is True! Jesus Christ does live and He is the Savior of the world. If we follow Him, we will not have to fear. We will have an eternal perspective on life. We will understand that just because we have difficulties or struggles in life doesn’t mean that God has abandoned us. Jamais! Never.   We will understand based on that eternal perspective that we are here to learn and prepare ourselves to return and live with Him. We will be molded and changed. To change the shape of metal, you need to heat it up and put it through extreme conditions until you can mold it into something beautiful and of value.  Sometimes we might have to endure "extreme conditions", but if we Have Faith and put our Faith in Him, we will continue moving forward with our heads up high knowing that it will be for our best. That all will be well! 

We will head off to Palmas tomorrow and get back on Thursday night!  Hope y'all ave a great week! :)
Eu amo vocês!!

Elder Bean

Me, Rose (Leo's mom) and Elder Batista

Lunch, Sister Marilis is the Relief Society President of the Ward
and her daughter is about to go on a mission to Pocatello Idaho.

Having fun with Sister Rowe's ipad, leaving her with some selfies. 

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