Monday, September 23, 2013

Families are Forever!!

Bom Dia!!

Tudo Bem!?? I’m doing a lot better and starting to get use to the missionary lifestyle. Brasil is sooo hot!! All day haha. In Santo Antonio do Descoberto (Saint Anthony of the Discovery) it is super dry!! I miss y'all like crazy!!!
We had a mission conference on Saturday! It was awesome. We heard from a General Authority and his wife. We got together with all the missionaries in this mission except for the zone that is 13 hours away. They don’t come down here ever except for transfers.
So the talk was in Portuguese I only understood a few things but Elder Grisham translated a lot of it for me in English, which was awesome! Got to see Elder Kesler, which was way cool! We are in like the same boat. Having the same struggles. Our birthdays are both on October 12 except he is two years older!!
I’ve realized that the work here isn’t what is hard. Walking miles and miles and miles everyday, struggling to speak to people and understand, always hungry, and getting rejected. I mean that stuff is super hard but it really isn’t hard compared to missing home. That is the hardest thing. Knowing that I still have 22 months from seeing y'all is so hard to think about. Missing out on y'alls activities, watching y'all grow and be with each other. It is so hard putting all that aside for two years. And knowing that I won't be an 18 year old kid anymore when I get home, but 20 years old. And that so much will have changed by the time I get home. Being away from y'all is the hardest thing. I have gained a greater appreciation for those little moments in life that don’t seem big, but now they seem ginormous. I have been blessed with the most loving and supportive family and friends. I truly am so blessed. I pray for y'all everyday. I love y'all so much!
On Wednesday, we went to teach Danilo. He is 22 years old and way cool. He just showed up to church last week and said someone had invited him a few weeks earlier. I know God had a hand in guiding him to church.  So after our first lesson with him, after the closing prayer, I felt such a strong feeling and inspiration in my heart to invite him to be baptized. It burned within me. So I looked at him and asked when he knows for himself that these things are true, will he follow Jesus Christ's example and be baptized by someone with the priesthood authority of God! (in Portuguese off course)  He said he would!! He committed to being baptized on Saturday October 12!!! It was awesome. We even committed his mom to be baptized last night! Heavenly Father has so much love for Danilo and all of his children here on Earth.
Right after Danilo´s lesson we taught Messias and committed him to be baptized as well. Messias is about 60 and is married to a member. He agreed but said he would be out of town for the 12th but wanted to do it sooner! So we planned for the 28th!! It was so awesome!! Such a spiritual night.  But on Friday when we went back to teach Messias, we felt inspired to teach Laws and Commandments. We found out that he isn´t married yet to his member ´wife´. He is still in the middle of a divorce. We can’t baptize him yet though because he isn’t married. We can’t baptize a couple unless they are married if they live together since they would be breaking the Law of Chastity.
We were sad for him, but they are planning on getting married right when the divorce is finalized. He will eventually get baptized but just not now.
That is one of the biggest problems in this area, people are together but not married. They call each other husband and wife but aren’t legally married. It is hard when we find those elect people that are ready but one of the persons in the relationship doesn’t wanna get married.
It will all work out though. My testimony is strengthened everyday here. It isn’t easy being away from home. Satan knows where I am weak. He constantly makes me feel like I am not a good older brother or son, because I am here and not at home with y'all. But I pray and I feel Heavenly Father´s love and I know that even though it is hard, this is the place I need to be. I think about y'all every day, and how y'all are doing. I think about the Friday night games I am missing, and just life at home. That stuff is so important to me, and means the world to me. But furthering the Lord´s work, and bringing others unto Christ and letting them receive the blessings and happiness I have received from it and how much it has blessed my family is what I want to do.
I left my family for two years, so other families can be together forever. True love and happiness here on Earth, and into the eternities in the life to come.
I love y'all so much and miss y'all more than everything!! Y'all mean the world to me
Families are forever


Elder Bean

They haven’t had a baptism in Santo Antonio do Descoberto in almost 9 months!! So we are super excited about the investigators we have committed to dates!!!

Thanks for all the love and supporting words of encouragement.
It is always hot here. Ha. Hot and dry.  We have to wear our suits to church every Sunday and to certain meetings with the mission. It kinda stinks cause it is a 40 minute walk to the church in a suit in the heat. I swear the sun is bigger and hotter here... haha

P-day in front of apartment

Sunday at Church

Out tracting

With Elder Kesler at a Mission conference

Typical streets with houses crowded together

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