Monday, September 16, 2013

Trials make us stronger


Almost two weeks in Brasil. And it has felt like two years... ha.
Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers. It really does mean a lot and keeps me going. I have been having a rough time but it is starting to get better each day. I am learning more each day and the language is starting to sound slower coming out of people´s mouths. But when they mumble I’m totally lost.ha.
Here in Brasil the main meal is Lunch. They hardly eat anything for breakfast or dinner but have a Huge lunch!!! So we usually eat at members for lunch which is always beans, rice, and meat. haha. But it is super good!!! And then I have a nutella peanut butta sandwich for breakfast and then I eat another one when we get back to the house at 9ish. It’s hard going off little food and not really dinner but I’m starting to adjust. We aren’t allowed to drink the water here, unless it is filtered. It’s super bad for you. Supposedly it gives you worms (so I’m showering in worms :)) haha. Our filter broke yesterday and since it was Sunday we went to the ward mission leaders house and he gave us a few bottles to take back home. 
My companion Elder D. Call is a good guy! We are different people but he has been great at giving me awesome words of wisdom when I am down and comforting me! He’s a great guy. He’s fluent in Portuguese and helps me out a lot with the language.
On Friday and Saturday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. So | took an hour bus to Taguatinga to be with Elder Pedroso for Friday and Saturday.
Elder Pedroso is awesome! He is a native Brazilian that is as white as me. He is 27 years old and use to be in the Brasilian military before the mission, ha. He understands a little English. 
And guess what he had in his closet, a Tebow Jersey!!! hahah. Automatically had a bond just over that. He is a way cool guy though.
The people here in Santo Antonio are good people. The way of life is different obviously though. All the houses are surrounded by 8 to 10 foot cement walls with an iron gate. the houses are all crammed together. So since the door to the house is about 10 yards away from the wall we have to clap outside the gate instead of `knocking on doors` ha. We clap.  
Every night when we get back to the apartment after 9, we have to call the district leader and let him know we are good and safe. He then calls the zone leader, and then the zone leader calls the Assistants. The assistants call the president. So the president doesn’t go to sleep until he gets a confirmation that all 7 zones (130 missionaries) are good and safe. Pretty cool.
This weekend we are having a mission conference. We will meet with a general authority and everyone in the whole mission! pretty stoked to see Elder Kesler! It will be cool seeing everyone in the mission.
So in the mission your relationships with companions is like a family tree. For instance your first companion/trainer is your ´Father´, and since I am the first trainee of my companion I am ´His Beloved Son`. ha. If he trains anyone else then they will be my brothers. haha. My ´grandpa´ died a long time ago (got home from the mission) but my step-grandpa is one of the Assistants. (he did half of Elder D. Calls training). Your first 12 weeks is your training. 
I’m starting to say more and more in lessons now. It isn’t easy. I am still struggling and It’s hard thinking about home, family, friends, and football season. It’s hard thinking that I still have 22 months of this. They say it takes a while to learn the language and get accustomed but it is hard waiting. 
But Heavenly Father doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle, and it is meant to make us stronger. He knows we can handle it.
It’s hard, but I know serving a mission is what I need to be doing! It is blessing y’all and me more than I could imagine.
I love you all so much and miss y’all like crazy!!!!! 
The church is true. I know it is with all my heart!!!! if it wasn't then I would already have quit and been at home right now. But I am here struggling to speak, struggling to eat (literally ha) because I know this work is true. Jesus Christ is our Salvador and Redentor. Savior and Redeemer. He loves us.

God is our loving Heavenly Father. He is watching over me as well as each one of you!!! He loves us and our family.

He gives trials to the strong, because he knows we can handle it. It will make us stronger. 

He is making me stronger already.
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Bean
Families are forever. For eternity

Oh yeah one cool story. On Saturday night we were walking around (we walk miles and miles and miles everyday) and all of a sudden a police car pulls this car over and like 3 cops jump out before the car stops and they pull out their guns. The cops here are dressed like the swat team. haha. It was literally 10 yards in front of me. I felt safe though and it was kinda cool. The cop looked at us after a few minutes and said casually you need to pass? You can pass?   So we just walked behind 4 guys with guns drawn and all these guys yelling and piling out of a car. ha.

My companion Elder D. Call

With Gabriel, he just received his mission call to Sao Paulo.
Elder Pedroso 

Outside of our apartment
Outside the apartment looking up the street
Outside looking the other direction

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