Monday, September 30, 2013

Missionary Life and Blessings!!

Bom Dia!!

Eu estou muito animado! Eu estou muito bem! I am doing great and everything gets better and better each day here. I am in such a good mood after reading all y'alls emails of love, support, and what is going on back home. It is so good to hear that all is well. 
I am really starting to love it here in Santo Antonio do Descoberto. I still miss home like crazy, but it gets easier everyday being away from home. I'm starting to realize how important what I am doing is, and so grateful that I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve our Heavenly Father´s children in Brasil for two years. It's not easy, but it's not suppose to be. The things we cherish in life the most, are usually things that didn't come easy. Things that take a lot of hard work and sacrifice. I know that Heavenly Father is blessing me and everyone back home. I have been able to see his hand in my life more and more since I got here. I have noticed the little things more and how much certain things mean to me in my life. I love y'all so much!!
Its tough to hear about the loss to Waller. But I'm so proud of Noah! That is seriously awesome. I pray for everyone back home everyday. But I pray especially hard when I get back to the apartment at 9 (7:00 in Texas) until I go to sleep for Noah and Cade and them playing, Aspen Cheering, and everyone watching in the stand. I know that I can't physically be there, but I am there in Spirit. Heavenly Father knows how important that stuff is to me, and He is able to make me feel comforted and happy during those times. 
The language is getting a lot better. It is still super hard.. haha. But I am getting to a point where most people understand everything I say. I have learned that if someone wants to understand me, they will. If they don't, then they won't. Even though my accent isn't perfect and grammar isn't always perfect, the people that care understand and help me out. It is so frustrating when I say something though and they respond, `Não Entendi` (meaning they don't understand). Its so frustrating hearing someone say that, especially when I thought I said it right. I get mad when they say it rude, its like ´Cmon man you understood me!!´haha.  But its all good!!
They have alot of small, Italian bakeries here that are super cheap. So lately my dinner has been buying 2 loaves of good bread for like 50 cents U.S. money and just eating that as we walk around.. haha.  For lunch we always eat rice, beans, and meat! I'm loving it though! It is so good. the hard thing though is not eating too much. Here they are use to eating a TON at lunch. Problem is we walk a lot so if I eat too much, I won't be feeling too great later. The other day, we went to a cheap buffet for lunch. I think that says it all. Ha. I had 4 plates full of rice, beans, and steak. We went to see Danilo afterwards, which is 45 minutes away. I was feeling so sick. haha. The heat doesn't help either but yeah it was bad.. haha.  At the buffet I saw the trailer for the new Hunger Games movie! Looks good!!
So my companion told me that when he got on the mission the Heat still hadn't won a championship with Lebron yet. That seems like forever ago!!! haha. So crazy. 
Our showers from now on are in freezing cold water. The other day I was showering when the heater blew. Ha. All the electric wires are outside of the wall, so sparks started flying and a then a big Boom! It scared the snot out of me! haahah. Looking back though, it was funny. So since the showers are cold, I just do a bunch of push ups before I take a shower, It gets my body warmed up so the water doesn't feel as cold :) haha. 
It rained for the first time since I have been here yesterday!! It was nice. We had a missionary fireside in Taguatinga last night. I love all the guys in my zone!! Super cool guys. One of them is Elder Sales, a native Brasilian, who is way cool. He's such a stud! We have two sister missionaries, and they are way cool too!! 
We travel by bus to Taguatinga at least once or twice a week for meetings. Taguatinga is more of a city, and they have Subway and McDonalds!! It doesn't taste the same, they don't have ranch here, but it is still way good!! Its a treat to get subway haha.  So I have noticed that they don't have goldfish, pretzels, oreos, or peanut butter here. My like staple food to survive. haha. I buy a lot of bananas though. Super cheap, about 75 cents U.S for a dozen of them. They have a soda here called Guaranã that is legit!! It is so good. It is made from a fruit grown here. Manga (mangos) are way good here too!
I am so stoked for General Conference this weekend!!! So stoked!!  I have always liked General Conference, but never like super excited or looking forward to it. Now I'm like counting down the days to it, haha. And in one of the rooms at the church they will have it in English, it will be nice to hear someone speak in English! haha. 

I miss you all a ton! I am doing great though, don't worry about me. I enjoy hearing all about what is happening at home. Its hard not being there, but I know that this is the right place for me to be. I am so blessed and grateful to be able to be a missionary. So blessed and lucky. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for everyone that I have back home, and also the opportunity I have here. It will bless my life, and y'alls life forever. I will be able to come back a better person, and the man that God wants me to be! I know that this work here is true! I am so blessed to be able to be a part of it, and help share the word of God with the people here in Brasil. 
I love this Gospel, and I love y'all so much!! Thanks for all y'all have done for me. For all the support and love. The prayers help so much, don't think that your prayers go unnoticed. I feel them, trust me. I have felt Heavenly Father´s love for others so much here. I truly know that we are children of our Heavenly Father, and that we can one day return and live with him again. And that Families are Forever. He blessed us with families and friends here on Earth, so that we could learn and grow. To love, and continue with those same relationships in the next life! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He loves us so much. I know that the Bible and Book of Mormon are words of God. We are so blessed to not have just one Testament, but Two testaments of Jesus Christ here on the Earth. The Bible and Book of Mormon. Together, they will help us have happier lives, love one another, serve others, have true happiness, and one day return and live with our Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for all the blessings I have in my life. For all my family and friends back home who mean the world to me. And for this opportunity I have to serve a mission!!
I love y'all so much!!!! and miss y'all like crazy. God be with you til we meet again.


Elder Lofton Q Bean

I hope y'all had a good week!!! take care.
I love y'all so much!!! I thank Heavenly Father everyday to have such an amazing family!! I'm seriously blessed with the best family

I love you soo much and I miss you tons!!! don't worry about me, I am watched over I'll be ok :) Take care familia

EU TE AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muito muito muito

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