Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Photo Essay

Conference weekend in Taguatingua

We are doing a zone activity right now at the church, playing some soccer and stuff. The week flew by!! Conference was so awesome!!! I’m wondering if it is always that good and I just haven’t paid attention or it was just that much better :) haha  I watched it all in English, except priesthood session was only in Portuguese since they recorded it from the previous night. It is totally different watching it in Portuguese.

The next pictures are of me and my boy Elder Sales, pronounced Saul-E-zz
He is awesome, from Brazil and in my zone. We have grown really close

The other guy is Elder Labrada. He was born in Brazil but lives in California, and is fluent in both languages. He entered the Brazil MTC on July 24, but was only there for 2 weeks.

With Elder Sales

Elder Labrada

First experience eating Açaì 

It is so goood!!! it is made from a fruit here. It is like frozen yogurt with bananas, and granola.

I had it on Friday when I went on exchanges with Elder Magustero, Sales, and Cottrell.

Elder Sales wanted to document the whole first experience.. hahah love that little Brazilian.

Açai probs...purple mouth
Our house.  Trust me when I say pics don’t do it justice... hahah. IT is soooo badddd. You drop a shirt after ironing and it looks like you rolled in the mud.. hahah  We kill several cockroaches everyday. A few months ago someone killed a rat on top of the counter here.

My first two packages, one from Grandma Bean and one from Grandmama.  Love it.

Eating some of the food in the package.
The Santo Antonio version of McDonalds. haha. I saw it when we were walking around.  I am pretty sure that is against the law... but oh well haha.  Taguatinga has an actual McDonalds.

Eating ice cream
The post office and banks here are on a somewhat strike. haha. Its just lame. Its not a Real strike. just like a mental thing. 

The language is coming along better, still struggling, but better :) 

I stood up and bowed among all the American missionaries when the speakers talked about the age change at Conference. Hahah it was really funny. Its weird just now turning 19 when people have only been here like 8 months and are almost 21. 
Btw my birthday is a big holiday here. Children’s day!! Haha

It has been raining a lot lately, like every other day for the past week. It is nice except for when I have my suit on... like today... haha. It rained when we got back from Taguatinga (we just spent the night last night in Taguatinga so we didn’t have to travel back here last night and then back this morning). But it was fun running and being dorks in the rain trying to find cover :)

I love you all so much!!!!! I am so grateful to have yall. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for how I am so blessed and lucky to have the family that I do.

You keep me going and motivated and encouraged.

I love you soo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're heading out to teach Danilo we are hoping to still baptize him this weekend.  He is ready spiritually he just needs to give up smoking.  

We are going to see him tonight to see if he is home and if everything is ok. Hopefully all will work out so he can still enter the waters of baptism this weekend. He is so elect. It is amazing how much Heavenly Father has helped and intervened.  Danilo is an awesome guy. We also committed Luan, a 14 year old boy who has been taught by several companionships, to  a date for October 19th!! I love that kid!! He reminds me a lot of Rhett. Just how he acts. haha.  He’s awesome. His parents don’t want anything to do with it but they want Luan to be baptized. They are respecting his choice which is awesome. He has an older brother who is like 22 who was baptized about 5 years ago.

Love, Elder Bean

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