Monday, January 6, 2014

Transferred to Gama Leste

Tudo Bemmmm :))

Wow this transfer flewww by. Seems like it was 6 weeks ago just yesterday. Nossa! The big news today was I got transferred!! I am in Gama Leste (East). Finally left "home" (first area on the mission). I’m gonna miss Santo Antonio and the people there a ton!! But I am so stoked to be here, and Gama Leste looks so awesome already. It is in DF, the federal district of Brasilia. Santo Antonio is in Goias, a different state. Its way nicer here, and seems like a great place. But It was hard leaving Santo Antonio and saying bye to people last night.
So for transfers they call us at the end of the transfer on Sunday night and the district leader will tell us if we stay or get transferred. I was kinda lazy and didn’t feel like packing in case I did stay. Well Elder Machado stayed and I got transferred, so I stayed up until like 2 packing and then had to wake up at 5 to catch the bus to Asa Norte in Brasilia! But foi bom :)
My new companion seems coool!! Elder Tippetts, from Idaho. He is a year and 3 months in the mission and is the district leader here. The zone leaders live in the apartment above us so we will get to hang out a ton. We also will have lunch together at a members everyday. I know one of them from my first zone in Taguatinga, way cool guy. Its gonna be a lot of fun here. A lot of people say this is one of the best areas in the mission. The members are awesome and help a lot. I am so stoked to be here, I have only been here for an hour but it seems wayy awesome. The previous missionary here with Elder Tippetts was Elder Darke, from my MTC district. In my zone here I have Elder Magana, from my MTC district, and Elder Labrada also!  Its gonna be wayy awesome!!! 
The last week in Santo Antonio was way good. We found some new people that are really interested in what we have been teaching. Luan will probably be baptized sometime in the next month or so. Probably!  Danilo and Nilson are both doing awesome, they just keep on truckin and are doing great!!  Saying bye to people yesterday was hard. It really feels like I just got to Santo Antonio. My first like 3 weeks in Brasil felt like the same amount of time as the past 3 months!! haha forreal. It's starting to pass by fast. I think a big part of it is now I can actually pretty much say whatever I need to to get by. Its so cool being able to communicate to people in Portuguese. Today on the bus to Gama, I was talking to a guy who is preparing to leave for his mission to Rio Grande do Sul on Thursday. On Thursday he will enter the MTC in Sao Paulo. The guy is awesome! He was baptized just over a year ago, and about 6 months ago he decided he wanted to serve a mission!! He is so excited to get out there and give people the same happiness that he has received. He is the only member of his family, everyone else is Catholic but most of them are supporting him and think its awesome. 
After we skyped, I had a rough time for about a day and a half. I was just out of it and couldn’t really focus. I just wanted to go back home. But now, I’m back to where I understand my purpose and why I chose to come out here in the first place. I really miss y’all a ton, but the time will fly and before I know it ill be back home. I am so grateful that God blessed me with the opportunity to come here to Brasil and be a missionary. Through helping and teaching others, I have learned more and "taught" myself in more ways then I could of imagined before the mission. I never really understood before I came here how doing all this work really does end up helping me and helping me also see the bigger picture.
I love you all so much!!! I am so grateful to have y’all in my life. Just always know, that Im prayin for y’all and tryin to make y’all and our Heavenly Father proud! :)

Tchau Tchau!  Eu amo vocĂȘs!! :)))) para sempre!! :)


Elder Bean

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