Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Conferéncia Geral


I hope all is doin well with yal!! I’m doing greattt. This week was awesome. General Conference was so awesome too. General Conference as a missionary is like the SuperBowl. hahaha. I was so pumped for it! We had to watch all of Sunday´s sessions in Portugues. And then we got to watch the Priesthood session Sunday morning in English. The rest of the sessions on Sunday we watched with Portugues words but subtitles in English. We had to watch the Priesthood session in the morning because it started at 9:00 here on Saturday at night. I’m not gonna lie, it is way better in English, getting to hear their real voices but it was still way awesome!! Blew me out of the water. Priesthood session was on point, wayy good!! I really liked the analogy of one of the talks that we all make sure we charge our cellphones everyday. We need to also take time to spiritually recharge ourselves everyday as well!!  There were so many great talks and I walked away with such a stronger testimony and desire to do better than I have been doing! I am so grateful that we have these opportunities to hear the words of the prophet and other leaders of the church. I could feel the spirit testifyin to me that what they were saying was true, especially during Boyd K. Packer´s talk!
General Conference was definitely the highlight of the week!! None of our investigators were able to go. It was so good and really wished some of them could of been there. The technology we have today is incredible. And at the click of a button we can do marvelous, great things but also do evil things and tear ourselves down. 
Our lessons this week with our investigators were way awesome!! Especially with Dino!! Nossa he is a stud!! After our last lesson, he said he just had this strong feeling of peace and that it all just made sense. That it just makes sense to him.  I have really learned on my mission that the Holy Spirit is the Key that unlocks the hearts. Our words are meaningless and without power when the Spirit isn’t present. But with the Spirit, the heart is unlocked and the words just flow in and make sense!!  I have learned so much too that being here, and serving a mission is more than just helping others find the right path and grow closer to our Savior and Heavenly Father, but also for me!! By serving here, my testimony has been strengthened so much and my footing on the path is more firm. Whenever we are teaching the Gospel and testifying to these people that what we know, we know to be true, even if they choose not to accept it, my testimony was still strengthened. Because while teaching, it gets firmer and firmer into my heart by the Spirit that what I’m doing is right. There are so many things in this world that can make us Happy. But I know that obeying the commandments of God and living his standards will allow us to have True Happiness in our life. The message we take to the world is of Happiness, that we aren’t alone in this test of life! That Jesus Christ isn’t just waiting for us at the end, but literally with us side by side.  To be "yoked" with us. To help us carry our burdens. This life isn’t easy. When we chose to come down here to Earth we knew it wouldn’t be easy! But we knew it would be worth it! To have our families and prove our selves worthy to return to our Heavenly Father and have eternal life with Him and our Families. 
I love yall so much!! I know this work to be true!! 
Tenha uma boa semana!!!! Eu amo vocês muito!!!!!!

Um abraço, tchau tchau,

Elder Bean

It's been raining A LOT

Old Zone

New Zone

General Conference Weekend
Eating at a bakery during the break on Saturday
Watching the Priesthood session in English

The Stake President took these pics, they might
end up in the May Ensign/Liahona

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