Monday, March 31, 2014

Transfers. . . a New Old Companion

Boa Tarde!! 

Heyyyyyy another week down in the book! Today has been so busy already! Today was transfers!! So we had to wake up really early and grab a bus to Asa Norte in Brasilia. Elder Tippetts and Reis got transferred. It was sad seeing them go! But Tippetts got transferred to a different zone, but same stake so I will see him at general conference on Saturday and Sunday. My new companion is.... Elder Machado! hahah again! The same Machado, that was my second companion in Santo Antonio. Lol. So at transfers, they have everyone that is getting transfered all sitting together in the church. The President and his wife speak, then the Assistants announce each area and the new companionships. It seemed like every companionship got split up this week! But when they announced me and Machado being together again, everyone just went crazy and nuts! haha it was funny. He goes home in 4 weeks, and so does Elder Soward´s new companion. Na verdade, Machado and Elder Soward´s new companion are from the same ward in Rio Grande do Sul, grew up together, and received their calls together and entered the mission at the same time!
This week was awesome!! We had a ton of fun. Last Monday was Elder Reis´s birthday and so we "partied" it up. haha  We bought pizza that night and gave him our gifts which was hilarious. He goes home in 4 weeks also, so we gave him a tie, and his birthday card. His birthday card was a "law of chastity" pamphlet that we turned into a birthday card by writing messages to him in it hahah, it was hilarious! We got creative. It was so fun being with them three!!
We had a baptism this week for Raillan!!!! He is 9 years old and is a stud!!!! His family are members, starting to become more active and he never was baptised. He is a funny little dude!! He asked that "Elder Feijão (Bean) would baptize him" haha. It was awesome, had a huge turnout!!! Could barely fit everyone in the room!! 
We have started to teach a guy named Antônio! He is a champ!! He is the manager at the Supermarcado that we always go to to buy groceries. It was raining pretty hard so we decided to sit down on the benches in the store and wait until it died down. He and this girl who also works there came up to us and asked if me and Tippetts were Brasilians. We ended up having a really good conversation with them. He’s a funny dude. So me and Tippetts always had this joke, we would always ask people we taught or talked to, if they new about Idaho, the state he lives in. haha. gosh I’m gonna miss tippetts! love that dude.   But everyone always says No. or when they ask where we are from, no one knows about Idaho. I think we found like 2 people in total, of all of Gama that have heard of Idaho. :) But everyone knows about Texas!! They all think it's way awesome!!  The states that everyone knows about here are California, Florida, Texas, and New York. 
When I told Antônio I was from Texas, he got all excited and started acting like a cowboy and shooting all the Indians.. haha.  We ended up marking another day to go visit Antônio. It went awesome!! He said that when he looked at me and Tippetts he felt inspired that he needed to talk to us. He felt that we had something he needed. 
I’m so stoked for General Conference this weekend!! It will be way awesome! Then before I know it, I will be skyping in about a month for Mother´s Day!!!!! yeahhhhhhhh.
I miss and love yall so much!!! Vocês tenham uma boa semana!!!!!

com amor,

Elder Bean


Having fun after a day of hard work with Reis and Tippets!

Game night in Gama!

Kennedy and Rafael

Waiting for everyone to arrive for the baptism

Raillan's baptism

Primary kids singing a special musical number

With Preator and Lenon at transfers

Stadium in Gama, I walk by here everyday

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