Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter! Feliz Páscoa!!!!


This week for sure had a bunch of ups and downs!!! But overall was a really good one!! Today for Pday, we had a churrasco (bbq) with the other missionaries in our zone and played futebol!! had a blast.  But..  Happy Easter! Feliz Páscoa!!!! :)) Our Easter was really good, got a lot of chocolate haha. On Friday though, a big group of people here in Gama got together and made a life size puppet of Judas, the apostle that betrayed Jesus, and hung it up on a post.  They planned on "stoning" it by throwing rocks at it and then lighting it on fire at midnight!  When we heard about this I felt like saying "Him without sin, first cast the stone" hahah :) the words of Jesus.   People were more focused on what Judas did instead of what Christ did for us. I’m so grateful for what Jesus, our Savior did for us. That he not only TAUGHT us what we need to do but also ACTED.  He is the perfect example. For example, this past week we ordered pizza. The place said it would be 40 minutes. It took an hour and 15 minutes. The pizza was 20 reais. I told the pizza guy when he got to our apartment, Look you told me it would take 40 minutes, it took an hour and 15. I’m only gonna give you 10. Its not your fault, but that’s all I’m giving.  
It was really funny and everyone had a good laugh about it that night. I had a good laugh for about 15 minutes but then I felt horrible. Like I just felt so bad.  I thought afterwards "would Jesus have done that?"  Before the mission I probably never would of felt bad, just would of thought it was hilarious and not a big deal.  But I seriously felt really bad.  I then realized that I am a missionary!!, I am representing Jesus Christ and my family everyday.  I shouldn’t have done something like that just to save 10 reais. For all I know that guy had to use his own money to pay back his company, and has a bunch of kids that are hungry or something. That night, he had been happy and started off a great conversation until I became a jerk.  I prayed that night for forgiveness.  The next day we ordered pizza again and I gave the guy like double the money. He was the one being the example to me.
I know we need to try to follow the example of the Savior, even in little things like buying a pizza.  
I am so grateful for what Christ did for all of us. He died for us and all of our sins, but the true miracle in it all is that He lives!! He was resurrected on the third day and He lives! That’s the miracle! I am so grateful that we have a Savior whose love for us is unimaginable. He loves each and every one of us. He didn’t just pay part of our debts, but he paid our debt in full!! Each and every one of us. We need to show appreciation for this "gift" he has given us by living righteously and keeping His commandments. Loving our Heavenly Father and serving others! I know this is how we can have true happiness in our life. I know He lives!!! 
We had a great lesson with Dino this week! We read Helaman 5:12 with him from the Book of Mormon and bore pure testimony! It was awesome!! He ended up going to church on Sunday and loved it!! The dude is a champ. He is seriously a guy who has charity, the pure love of Christ. Which I am still trying to develop.
Abraão was at church to! He is Maria Aparacida´s son who is like 20 yrs old. He is a stud! He told me how much he loves being there and wants to learn more and get baptized! I got to sit with him throughout sacrament meeting and had a lot of great conversations with Him where he really opened up to me. Really spiritual!!! The dude is awesome!!  We marked 3 baptism dates this week, for May 10!! Felipe, Enzo, and Yann. They are all cousins, and related to a member of the church. They all live in the same quadrant. The little sister of one of them was so funny. We were playing soccer with them in the street, and she comes up to me and grabs my arm and says I want to be baptized too!! She’s 6 and such a sweet little girl. I told her how when she’s 8 she can be baptised and how she is so special and that God loves her so much. She’s this awesome sweet little girl!! haha it was awesome. 
There are so many great experiences that happen everyday. I love being a missionary!!! Some days are tough though.  I love getting to share our message with people in the streets and share with them what I know. Some people have nothing but bad things to say about us and what we do. But to me, giving up everything I did to be here, I know what I’m doing is right!!!
I love yall so much!!!! I am so grateful for family and that families are forever!! Literally :) 

Eu te amo!!!

com amor,

Elder Bean

When days seem tough, just remember that you have a Heavenly Father who loves you so much and a Savior, Jesus Christ, walking with you every step of the way!! and carrying you when you need it! And that you have an Elder Bean in Brasil who loves yall so stinkin much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vocês são muitos importantes para mim!! Eu sou muito grato por vocês!!! Eu agradeço Deus todo dia que tenho vocês em minha vida!! Familias são Eternas. Isso é glorioso!! Nós temos este conhecimento!!!! Eu sou muito grato por minha conhecimento sobre isso!  É difícil para mim sendo aqui, quando vocês estão lá! Mas.. eu sei, algum dia eu vou ver vocês de novo!!! E vai ser um dia glorioso!! Um Dia eu nunca vou esquecer!!!
Eu sei A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias realmente é o Reino de Deus na terra!!!!!! Felicidade Verdadeiro!!!! 
Eu amo vocês!!! Mais do que vocês podem imaginar!! Tenho muito saudade de vocês!! Mas, eu estou aqui na missão porque eu amo vocês!! e eu sei estas coisas são verdadeiras!!! Eu quero todo mundo para saber, O que eu sei!!! Eu quero isso!!!!!!!!!!! 


Elder Farias and I at the church setting up for the government visitors

Bom Dia Brasil!!

A random horse just hanging out in a busy part of town

With Elder Machado outside the church building

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