Friday, May 2, 2014

Photos and a P-Day in Brasilia

Heyy sorry I didn't get to send a big long email this week!!!

I had an amazing week with a lot of great thingssss :))))

I sent a ton of fotos so yall can enjoy those and I'll let you all know about my adventures next week :)))

just know that I'm happy, safe, and I LOVE YOU ALLL :)))))))))


Loftonnn :)  Elder Bean

Dino's mom and brother


Sister Irma Chirley's new puppy, they are thinking of naming him "BEAN". 

Apartments in Gama, the view from our lunch appointment at a member's apartment.

A horse outside my bedroom window, he was eating out of the trash barrel,
and then moved to the grass when I got my camera.

At the grocery store with the "National Brasil team"

I love Coca Cola here, it's seriously way better in Brasil! With Agostinho and Lucas

Sunday (Domingo)
At our lunch appointment on Sunday

The beautiful sky of Brasil

Elder Preator and Elder Sena
An Elder that served here 2 years ago visited with his mom and dad!
I really enjoyed getting to speak with them in English!!
Greetings from Brazil,

Our son served a mission in Brasilia a year and a half ago and we had the opportunity to come to Brazil and visit some of the areas he served in. We were in church Sunday in Gama and met your son.  He looks happy and healthy!  I'm attaching a picture. Sorry it is blurry, but you get the idea. It is amazing what a difference our missionaries make by being willing to serve and love the people here. We were visiting the elder's quorum president and they have a picture of your son with them on their shelf. They obviously love and respect him very much! Brasilia is a wonderful city and the people here are very generous.
With love,
Julie Billin

Getting off the bus in Plano (Brasilia)

It is so beautiful there. It was super sunny but the weather was good with a nice breeze.

The Stadium for the World Cup!!

Something about palm trees, I love them 

McDonalds, sure is a treat here!! Very expensive, my meal was 25 reais (13 dollars).
No dollar menu a regular cheese burger is 13 reais!

Cool tree

The Central Bank of Brasil. Supposedly this is where they print money.
We weren't able to do a tour since they do it everyday other than Monday!!

Me trying to be a stud ;)

The glass looks like zebra stripes

This flower in my hand is for you mom, happy Mother's Day!

Taking a pic in the reflection of the building's glass

Congress of Brasil

Metropolitan Cathedral Brasilia

Inside the Cathedral, it's really pretty 

National Congress of Brasil

We had a great P-Day in Brasilia!!

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