Monday, June 2, 2014

My "Adventure" This Week!!

So before I start just wanted to say that I'm perfectly fine and doing great!! I found out that I have kidney stones! yep! I had 5 but now I only have 4. Two on each side and only 2mm each. I found out last Monday night!! :)
So last monday (pday) the day went awesome! We got back home and I was feeling great. Then before I took a shower I started to feel some pain in my side/ab/upper groin area.  I just tried to push it off. But by the time I was laying down to go to sleep it was killin me!! I couldn’t focus and sleep!! It was killing so Elder Lima gave me a blessing! About 5 minutes later, I'm over at the sink throwing up and feelin like crap. It was like the worst pain in the world haha.  It wasn’t getting better. I was shakin like crazy. Elder Lima called Elder Sowards and Lant so they came downstairs. It was like midnight. We ended up callin an Ambulance, so now I can officially say I got to ride in one :) haha. but I wasn’t thinkin that at the time.  Once they put me in and hooked me up to the iv and pain killers I felt great. The first time she tried to inject me, my hand broke the needle when she tried to put it in my vein!! Man of Steel!! ha  So she got a tougher needle.
We get to the Public Hospital and they do a bunch of tests and stuff. My urine ended up lookin like coca cola  but I was starting to feel better. Lima and Sowards stayed there until 3 in the morning before going home, and Lant stayed in the emergency room to sleep with me, since only one other person was allowed. So Me and Lant slept on metal tables (at least mine had a thick cushion). The lady next to me was probably in her 90s and hooked up to all these machines! looked like she could leave this life any second. Then the power goes out... so her machines shut off.. but then the power came back and she was fine.  So it was like the worst sleep we have ever had. ha. They kept me over night cause they thought it was a hernia or appendix so they thought they would operate on me in the morning! The xray they did showed only one kidney stone.
The next day we call President and Sister Gaertner to tell them!! I learned again how much they do love us and would do anything for us. They were upset that we didn’t call that night. They would have been wiling to come and get me in the middle of the night!!  They are so awesome!!
So the doctor wanted to transfer me to a different hospital by ambulance in Brasilia, but instead President decided to come and pick me up. By this time Lima and Sowards came back to the hospital so President took me and Lima to meet with Sister Gaertner at a hospital in Brasilia. 
The new hospital was like a 5star hotel compared to the other. I was so grateful to have Sister Gaertner there with me! She really does care and love us! They do more tests and an MRI. That’s when they find out that I had already passed one stone, and still have 4 left!   but they hooked me up to some meds in a nice recliner chair at the hospital which was nice. 
So yeah the adventure was from Monday night until Tuesday night. I’m doing good now!!  drinkin a butt load of water :) no more coca cola lol

 Heyy so this week ended up being a really good one!! We did the baptism interview for Raimunda this week and  her baptism got rescheduled for June 7th! It will be really awesome!! The ward is really involved in helping her!! During testimony meeting at church yesterday, I got up to bear my testimony. As I was sitting up there, Dino (our investigator) was trying to give me signals if he could bear his too! Sure enough he does!!! It was so powerful and awesome!!! I have never had an investigator bear their testimony before. It was so powerful and pure and everyone felt the Spirit so strong. He talked about how he had been praying for help from Heavenly Father, and that same week Me and Tippetts knocked on his door!!  He bore his testimony about how he knows it’s all true!!!  I was so proud of him!  He talked about how, choosing to go to church blessed his entire week last week. He had some things that he had to work out and was worried if it wouldn’t be good. But we promised him two weeks ago that if he keeps the Sabbath day holy and goes to church, the Lord will bless him!! And he sure did!!  He was hesitant about going again yesterday, because he had a great work opportunity but he decided to go to church!! He talked about how he knows the Lord will bless him this week!  Gosh it was so awesome seeing him up there bearing his testimony!!  The Bishop invited him to eat lunch with Him, his family, and us yesterday which was awesome!! He believes it is all true, but he feels like he wants to get some things in his life organized before getting baptised. We are tryin to help him see that by putting the Lord first, everything else will fall into place. The World cup is coming up!!! There are starting to be a lot of protests. A lot of people are mad since Brasil put so much money into the new stadiums instead of Health care. But a lot of people are stoked and going crazy already. But it will be an awesome experience being here during the games!!
I am so grateful for our Heavenly Father!! I know he is mindful of each and everyone on of us!! Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World but also our personal Savior who knows how each one of us feels and the struggles we go through!! I am so grateful for how much I was blessed this week, i have been able to work normal this week even though I found out about having kidney stones and haven’t been bedrested at all. I feel great and loving serving the Lord and the people here in Brasil!!!

Hey I just got on my email again, just for a second to say that I’m doing ok :)
I went to the doctor and he was super cool! really good guy. He said that I didn’t need surgery and that the lazer wasn’t necesary. It will leave naturally he said and won't be a big deal. He gave me his card and number to call if I needed anything. He visited San Diego two weeks ago

But yeah so I’m great. I just gotta drink a bunch of water he said and Ill be fine. So don’t stress, I promise I’m good and I’ll work my butt of this week :))
I Love you mom and dad!! I miss you guys like crazyyy but all is well in Zion :))



p.s. The doc liked my name. Lofton haha

When Elder Anderson came for a conference. I'm top row second from the left.

Sunday, outside the church building.

With Dino at church!!

We're going to match ties every Sunday

Lima having fun taking pics

In the streets one night last week.

New McDonald's right here in Gama!! Only eaten
 a large fry once, it's soo expensive!!

The shopping mall here in Gama.

Today, I got a haircut this morning.

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