Monday, June 16, 2014

Transferred to Itapoã! E Copa do Mundo


So today was transfers! And last night I was sad to find out I got transferred! It was hard having to leave Gama, and Elder P. Lima! I had such a blast in Gama and will miss all the members there and people!! So grateful to have gotten to serve there.
My new area is Itapoã!! I’m in Zona Brasília Norte!! I just got to the area about 1 hour ago,  it reminds me a little of Santo Antonio do Descoberto, I'm sad to leave Gama but excited to get to know the people here and go to work!!!
My companion is Elder Rykestili, a Brazilian who just made 7 months on the mission. We live here with two other Elders. They are two of the secretaries and way cool, Elder Huntsman and Matheus. Huntsman is from Texas, the Austin area! I stayed being a District leader!
My last week in Gama was super awesome!! Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference so me and Elder P. Lima went crazy inviting people to it. We invited 124 people during the week to Stake Conference. It was a great Conference, and President Gaertner and Sister Gaertner were there. We will have a Conference this Friday to send them off since they are leaving in a couple weeks. I’m gonna miss them a ton!!
The World Cup has started!!! COPA DO MUNDO!! A COPA É NOSSO!! ESTÁ AQUI!!! haha  We got to watch the Brasil vs Croácia game last week!! It was super awesome! When Brasil made a goal it was like the whole city exploaded! Everyone just went crazy. We watched it with some members who had a BBQ!! Tomorrow we will get to watch Brasil vs. México. During games of Brasil, the whole country like shuts down. There is no one in the streets and after the game it’s crazyy. I’m a huge futebol fan now, and the talk here in Brasil is how bad Holanda killed Espanhã!!! 5 ao 1.
Me and Elder P. Lima found a bunch of great new investigators this past week!! It was such a great experience training! I’m gonna miss him but I know he’s gonna be awesome!
Dino is still doing great and should be baptised within the next couple weeks!! Raimunda is still amazing and was at both sessions of Conference.
It's crazy how fast the mission flys by, I can't believe I’m about to make 11 months!! It’s crazy how fast it does fly by!
I love yall so much and hope yall have a great week!!!!! :)

Elder Bean

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