Monday, June 9, 2014

Week Was Awesome!! - Semana Foi Incrivel!!

So this week went awesome!!! Today for Pday, I took my companion, Elder P. Lima, to see the World Cup stadium and other stuff at Plano since he has never seen it!! it was great!! I can't belive the games will be starting this week!! yeahhhhhh It will be tough to teach during the next month, it will be a crazy atmosphere but a great experience!
We had a baptism for Raimunda this week!!!! yeahhhh it was awesome!! hah I love Raimunda. "Raimundinha" (means little raimunda).  She’s this awesome, sweet, loving,cute, little lady!! she is so awesome!! her baptism was super special and had a lot of people show up. I felt honored to get to be in the water with her and perform it. When she came out of the water, she was just glowin and just full of happiness. I still remember how we found her. We were doing contacts, when I was with Elder Machado. We walked past a group of guys and I felt impressed to turn around and talk to them. One turned out to be Raimunda´s grandson and lives with her, and so that was how we eventually found Raimunda!! So when you feel impressions from the Spirit, no matter what it is, Just do it! Nike.  ha
I had a similar moment this week. When we left the apartment to start the day, I felt impressed to make a goal that we would mark two dates for baptism that day. We left the house with a prayer that the Lord would lead us to those we needed to find. The day was good, but we still hadn’t found anyone. It was 8:35 at night and we were on the way returnin home. We walked past a soccer court, where two teenage dudes were playing. We just continued walking by. I wasn’t even thinkin. We went back and I started to talk to them as they played. They didn’t seem interested and just half listened and played. They were just like we already have religion, Deus é um só. (tired of hearing that phrase) Then I felt the impression to turn on Beast Mode and just go into straight testifying mode! and just be straight up with what was true and what wasn’t. It sparked a fire in them. They stopped playing and listened intently. We then entered onto the court and taught them quickly the restoration and the Book of Mormon in like 5 minutes! Then I invited them to be baptised, and they agreed and accepted a date for June 28.  It was super legittt.  So it really showed me how the Lord saw that we were diligently working hard all day, and he gave us our reward in the final hour!! It really showed me that just cause it was 8:35 at night, doesn’t mean the work is over. It ain’t over til the whistle blows, or until the "master of the vineyard, says it is!"  
We also had a great spiritual experience with Dino this week!! It was a super powerful lesson. It was crazy cause, during the lesson I felt like it was directed to me as well. We felt impressed to teach that lesson, and I realized it was because he needed to hear it but so did I!  We are all in this race together that leads back to the presence of our Heavenly Father. It doesn’t matter who finishes first or last, just as long as you finish!! Like the parable of the workers in the Lord´s vineyard. There were workers hired in the first hour, workers hired throughout the day and also workers hired in the final hour. All received the same reward!! Should those that worked the longest be upset since the others received the same amount as they did. (Before I came here on the mission I would have been one of those people that said, that’s not fair!)  Or should they be filled with joy for those that worked only an hour, and expected just a little bit, but the master showed mercy and gave them a full reward.  I pray that I am becoming someone that would be filled with joy to see the master show mercy on someone that only worked the final hour. 
The lesson with Dino was one of the most powerful experiences I have had on the mission!! I really came to have a stronger testimony of our Savior and His atoning sacrifice that he made for all of us! Not just some of us, but each and every one of us!! And that he knows each and every one of us personally. He is the Savior of the World but also our personal Savior and Redeemer.  I’m so grateful for that knowledge!! Have we been saved by grace? Yes, without a fact  everyone one of us!  But.. has this grace Changed us? Have we allowed it change who we are. Have we changed the way we are to live a life more Christ like and show appreciation for this eternal gift he gave us.

I love yall so much!!!!!!!! MISS YALL A TONNNNNN 
com amor,

A street had a painting of all the flags participating in the World Cup.

Brasil jersey

Our Zone

Raimunda's baptism!!

Raimunda running up to me (we aren't allowed to give girls hugs)
but I didn't turn her down!! I just let her :)

She looks like an angel!!!!

We made a Missionary work wall with all the photos of our baptisms in our ward.
We did it as a surprise to help the ward get excited and start to give references.

Edimar and Chirley's family

Elder Sowards goes home Friday!!! Can't believe it, gonna miss him!!

Sunset Sunday night

Brasilia stadium!!

Members of the church that live in Manaus. The state of Amazons (the north left part of Brasil)
They were visiting and wanted a pic with the missionaries.

The one dude had a Salt Lake City tie clip on his shirt...without a tie, that's dedication :)

Me being the Karate Kid!!

Just being a studdd :) 

Great view of Brasilia

Eating Pasteis and drinking caldo de cana (sugar cane juice),
so good freshly squeezed at the bus station.

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