Monday, September 22, 2014

"Best Two Years" of Our Life Should Be the Moment That We Are Currently Living In


The week was awesome!! Found a ton of new great people and families to teach that are really interested in our messages and what we have to share, as well as marked a lot more baptism dates for October, hopefully they all work out.
Today for Pday we went up to Asa Norte (downtown Brasília) and played soccer with about 14 other missionaries and President Lundgren played with us too!! haha it was awesome. President is way cool, and athletic so it was a ton of fun. It reminded me of back home playing church ball but this time it is soccer. 
One of the highlights this week was that Raimundo and Ivaneide got registered at the office so they can get married!! 3rd time going to the office... finally worked out! ha. We just gotta wait til the government sends back the papers saying they are good to get married. It almost didn’t work out. We arranged for two members of the church to be the two witnesses for the signin of the papers. We all get there and it is 4:30 (place closes at 5). And one of the member’s, forgot their identification! I was thinkin no way, this is our third time coming here and it just isn’t workin out.. But Raimundo took her and they zoomed off to go to her house and pick it up, they got back just in time!   so it all worked out!   A lot of prayin while that was goin on :)
On Thursday, we had the opportunity to have a visit from Elder Mazzagardi, Area Seventy of Brasil. He spoke and instructed us for about 4 hours! It was incredible!! The Spirit was so strong and I learned so much. You could feel the power when he spoke. He talked of things that we needed to do to help our investigators but also things to help us personally. He is very powerful, speaks like Elder Holland; but in Portugues obviously. But he is also funny. The electricity had gone out in the church building right when he was getting up to speak. It didn’t come back on until the final hour of his talk. But he continued doing what he would have normally done. It started to get hot in the building and he said, "You think it is hot here? Don’t keep the commandments and you will find out what hot truly is!" lol.  He also said "Those that say your "Best Two Years" of your life are on your mission, are speaking Apostasy!" ha.   He continued to say that our "Best Two Years" of our life should be the moment that we are currently living in. When we get married, that will be our Best Two Years. When we hold our newborn child, that will be our Best Two Years, and so on so on. He then said that he was currently living in his "Best Two Years", and has been for a long time!
He really focused on how he wants us to succeed not only on the mission but in life, to continue to progress after the mission. Not just have strong testimonies and be faithful on the mission, to just give up and fall away after. But to use the mission as a preparation for the rest of our life.  I felt spiritually drained after he ended his talk, it was really incredible and increased my testimony so much. 
On Sunday, Raimundo went and did 4 visits with us! He is such a champ. He has such powerful testimony. He like feels bad if he doesn’t read the scriptures everyday. He has such desire to do what is right, and he has complete trust and confidence in us. Raimundo goes over and beyond to help us out with whatever we need.  I am so grateful to have him and Ivaneide in my life.
The area is doing really good! We have a lot of people that are continuing to progress and accept more of our messages. We are plannin on havin a baptism this weekend so hopefully it works out. We were also able to mark 4 more baptism dates with people this week. The work is really boomin!! I’m loving it here,  it has been killler hot and dry this week, but the work is good and its incredible to be out here and be a missionary!! 
Love yall, hope yall have a great week!!

Elder Bean I

Lofton's mission home moved to a new address. The new address for sending him letters and packages is over in the right column.

In front of some dudes house with the World Cup logo painted on the outside

At the registry office with Raimundo and Ivaneide

An Awesome Family!!

Paulinária and her brother Pedro (who will get baptised soon)

Raimundo and Ivaneide surprised us with pizza and workout tanks.

The workout tank 

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