Monday, September 29, 2014

Sometimes All You Can Do is Bear Testimony

The week ended great with a baptism! Pedro!!!! It was awesome. He was baptized on Saturday and then confirmed on Sunday. When he asked me to baptize him, I felt honored and so grateful to be in the water with him. He is such a stud! He is seriously such a cool kid. He always has a smile and has me laughin every time we visit him and his family. Him and his sister, Paulinária, are goin strong! They get to church every Sunday before we even do! ha. This past Sunday they got there even before the door was unlocked.  There are so many special people here in Itapoã that I am so grateful to have gotten to know. 
We marked a baptism date in October with a 17 yr old named Antônio! He is a cool guy with a good head on his shoulders. He is Raimundo´s cousin.  He has already been to church several times and when we invited him to be baptized, he said he really wanted to, but had started to work at a job on Sundays so now he won't be able to go to church. I felt really strongly when promising him that if he prayed after the lesson and after we had left, that he needed to baptized that God would let him know and provide a way.   We returned a couple days later and he had received a powerful answer from Heavenly Father!
This week we also visited an "Assembleia Church" on Friday. When we are invited by people, we are allowed to visit other churches. We are teaching these two teenage brothers, and they are both liking what we are teachin. Maxwell (16 yrs old) told his pastor about our visits and even showed him the Book of Mormon. The pastor told Maxwell he wanted to meet with us. Maxwell thought we wouldn’t want to, but we were stoked!!  We ended up going over there to his church. He lives in the back of the church so while the church band was warming up before his sermon, we talked with him in the back and the conversation started really good. We were talking back and forth and it was going really well. Then he just went off on us.  The natural man in me wanted to just fire back and go off on him and use scriptures in his own Bible to prove to him what he was saying was wrong and made no sense. But we just kept our tongues. When he took breathing breaks, we would mention kindly scriptures from the Bible to show him what he was saying was wrong. It wouldn’t even phase him, he wasn’t willing to listen, just talkin. The time came for him to leave, so he got up and wasn’t even going to think bout given us a chance to talk more. He’s a little guy, so I got up as well and just looked down at him in the eye and bore him my testimony. Briefly, and from the heart. The Spirit was so strong!  We left and realized that we had done our part.  And we had shown Christ-like love to him, even though he was saying many things that weren’t true about us. There are a ton of little churches here, so we always run into pastors in the streets. Many times they are awesome to talk to and they think the work we are doing is great. They have a lot of respect. But then we run into others who just wanna try to tear us down.  We tell them that we respect all religions and we are here to help others come unto Christ and to help people have more faith, hope, and love in their lives. 
We are teaching this lady, Conceição whose husband and son are members of the church. She and her daughter attend a different church. We had a powerful lesson with her and she really likes us a lot and is wanting to receive an answer from Heavenly Father. She is listening to the books on tape of the Book of Mormon and really liking it. 
This weekend is general conference and I’m stoked!!! Being a missionary, general conference is like super bowl Sunday!! Getting to hear the words of the prophet, the apostles, and the other leaders of the church that they will speak to the world. I truly know they are called of God and that what they will say, will be exactly what we need to hear. What the Lord would have us know.   I love yall!! take care, have a great week and enjoy General Conference! and hope Olivia has an awesome 14th birthday this weekend!!! getttin old :)


Elder Bean I

Pedro with his sister, Paulinária, his mom and his friend


Paulinária and Pedro

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