Monday, September 8, 2014

Four Baptisms!! Staying in Itapoa!!

E aí!!!

So first off.... I stayed here in Itapoã!!!! with Elder Fernandez!!!!!!!! yeahhhhh. We are reallly pumped and excited about this transfer. 
Yesterday, we ended the transfer on a high note with 4 baptisms!! Carol, Diego, Paulinária, and Pollyana!! It went great, a lot of people showed up, and it was really spiritual. It was awesome to see them all be baptised. Remembering the first moments when we met them all and started teaching them, until now! They all loved it and are doing great!!  Augusto was so excited to see his sister and her friend get baptised. He bore his testimony at church on Sunday, about what he believes and how much us missionaries have helped him, and that he really hopes all of his family can someday be bapitised and united at church.
Raimundo and Ivaneide are planning on going to the registry office to get registered to get married sometime this week. The wedding and baptism will both be during this transfer, so me and Fernandez are really stoked about that, that we will be able to be here. 
This week was really good! We focused a lot on the people  that  were preparing to get baptised and the people that have baptism dates marked for September and October. 
We had a day of rain here, which was a first in like 4 months.  It was a nice change to the killer sun, but it only lasted a day. 

I am loving it here in Itapoã and really excited for this transfer! Got a lot of good things happening: baptisms, general conference, birthday, wedding/baptism of Ivaneide and Raimundo, etc.  Its crazy how fast the time here is flying by now. But I’m loving it here, learning something new everyday and enjoying the experiences!   I truly know that the Lord is mindful of each and everyone of us. Many times we feel weak, but with faith and courage and through sincere prayer, the Lord will make our weaknesses into our strengths.  Many people pray for patience. Sometimes we (including me) think that the Lord will just give us the ability to have patience in an instant. However, Heavenly Father will give us opportunities to learn to be patient. So that we will grow and truly change. I believe that to be true. Just as in Português. I know God can do all things, so why wasn’t I blessed to speak the language perfectly when I first got here? Why do I sometimes still have trouble in pronouncin a word or thinkin of the right word to say? It’s Because I needed to grow and truly change. I’ve realized that my faith in the Lord and my reliance in Him has increased so much. If I was blessed to speak it perfectly without trying, I would be relyin more on my ablities versus relying on the Lord.  I believe that during my first couple months here in Brasil, struggling to speak, I was on my knees pleading to the Lord  more so than all the times in my life until that point. My faith in Him has increased, as well as my reliance. I know that is something I needed to learn. To go to Him for help and guidance, and not just rely on mine own abilities. Like Ammon says in Alma 26: 11-12 in the Book of Mormon that he knows he is nothing without God! That he has no reason to boast of himself and his own strengths. But should give gloria to God always.
God loves us, the love he has for us is more than we can imagine in our mortal capacity. He wants us to return and live with Him and wants us to talk with Him often. He is always listening!! I know that. 
I love yall so much, and I know that the Lord is watchin over and takin care of yall! have a great week!!


Elder Bean 

P.S. I was so pumped to see not only a football update from dad, but also from you momma!! :) Isso aí!!!

A present from Elder Sena, he just left for home.

O Livro de Mórmon 

With Elder Beaty, he came down to do the batismal interviews and he just left for home.

Making some cookies with Fernandez after working out in the morning.

Heading to Church


Baptismo!! With Pollyanna, Augusto and Carol.

Ilma, Igor (little boy), Jurandy, Diego, Me, Fernandez

Me, Paulinária´s mom, Paulinária, Fernandez

after getting dunked!!!!!! :)  (diego was already changing. ha)
I performed the baptism for Carol and Diego and Fernandez baptized Paulinária and Pollyana. 

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