Monday, November 3, 2014

God Listens to Our Prayers

This week was awesome!!! Had a bunch of highlights and great experiences this week. We did a bunch of divisions (would split up to work with two people from the church) this week with some priest aged (over 16 yrs) guys. It was awesome and great working with the young men who are preparing to serve missions in the near future. I was able to go out with Lucas one day. He is a stud. We were on the bus together, and I have already done several "Fear No Mans" on the bus but I asked Lucas if he would feel uncomfortable if I did it. He was like No that would be awesome! Ha.  It made me think back when I was his age, and if I was with a missionary and he said he wanted to get up and talk to everyone in a big public area, I probably would have been really embarrassed! Ha, Lucas is a champ.
This week I really learned that Heavenly Father will put those that are ready to hear the gospel in your path, especially after prayer and faith. We had missed our bus one morning so we had to wait a little bit to get the next one. It made us late so at first I was a little annoyed but then I realized why it was meant to happen. While we were on the bus a few stops before we would get off, all the seats were taken and a young married couple with a newborn baby got on the bus. So I got up and let them sit down where I was sitting. I took advantage of the situation and I started talking with them about the gospel. I found out that the guy (Rogerio) is a member but hasn’t been to church in 6 years and his wife Jennifer didn’t know anything about the church. I got the address and marked a day to go over there. After a few days when we went over and it was so awesome!! They were so receptive and really trying to get the most out of each word we said in the lesson. They both felt that it was true, and they want to go to church and be united and raise their family there. Rogerio and Jennifer are so awesome! As we left, I could feel so much love for them and the joy was overfilling.  It’s incredible! Jennifer said she thinks her son will end up looking like me since he has blonde hair and blue eyes. ha
We also marked a baptism date with Adrianno, a college guy we found this week. We were at an apartment complex and the person we wanted to visit wasn’t home but I felt that we needed to knock on the door behind us. And we found Adrianno! Taught him the Restoration and he felt the spirit really strong and said he wanted to get baptised!!
Dino is going to be baptised sometime soon!!! yeahhhh. He went to church on
Sunday again and bore his testimony in front of everyone. He said how he has always struggled but feels that he has finally found the true church and wants to be baptized and when he saw me that I returned to Gama, he knew it was an answer to his prayers. I feel like Dino was definitely one of the reasons that I needed to return to Gama.   All the members love Dino and look up to him. He is going to be a strong leader in the church someday.
The week was great, everyday is full of joyful experiences that makes any difficulties seem so small. Everyday is full of rough and sad experiences when we get rejected etc. but it is overshadowed by those joyful experiences of teaching the gospel, helping others, and seeing people come unto Christ.  So grateful to be out here and part of this great work. We are having a huge activity for the whole community this weekend for "Helping Hands" project. It will be awesome!
I love yall so much, I know Christ lives and is our Savior! He is the Savior of the World, but also a personal Savior that knows each and everyone of us personally and the difficulties we encounter everyday. I know that God listens to our prayers and that we have the great privilege of getting to communicate with Him whenever we want to and need to through humble prayer!


Elder Bean I

I still haven’t found my camera... but I haven’t lost hope!!!! I just really want those fotos on it.

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