Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ups and Downs - Missionary Life


I got such an awesome Christmas package this week!! Thanks a ton. That countdown calendar to Christmas with a note inside for each day was so awesome!! That big ole marzipan chocolate bar made my day :) I tried my hardest to make it last long. I was actually proud that it lasted almost a whole week. I would just take a few bites every day.  But thanks so much!! It was the best!!! I felt so much love and felt so great after opening it. 
This week had its difficulties but ended up being good week. Last Tuesday we had a Mission council, with our mission president, the assistants, and the zone leaders. It was a great training and the spirit was super strong. President and Sister Lundgren are awesome!  We then had a meeting with our zone on Wednesday.
We had some bad news with Dino this week. He called us during the week and without an explanation said he didn’t want to be baptized anymore. We have been calling him and going over to his house everyday but haven’t been able to find him. His brother said the situation is pretty bad. It was tough.
But Rogerio and Jhennifer are doing great!! That family is so special. She is very excited about her baptism on the 6th of December and we are making goals and preparing Rogerio to be able to perform the ordinance!!  They are so awesome and always ask about my family and friends back home. When Rogerio said the closing prayer at the end of one of our lessons this week, he prayed super hard for a blessing on all my loved ones back home.  It made me feel so good. Rogerio and Jhennifer said they were praying to God that he would guide them to where they needed to go. And the next day, I gave them my seat on the bus and invited them to hear our lessons. 
We have an investigator named Andrea who will be baptized for sure this weekend, and we will possibly have two more this weekend as well. Claudia (a mom of two recent converts) will let us know on Tuesday if she will or not. She is awesome and loves us a ton. 
Raimundo and Ivaneide (in Itapoã) were planning on getting married and baptized this weekend and I would have asked for permission to go, but something happened and it will be rescheduled for December.  I’m hoping so bad that all works out. But yesterday in Itapoa they had two baptisms for people that I had taught there, so I was super excited to hear bout that!!!
I know this work is true!! Christ lives!! Lets make this Christmas season a special one and remembrance of the birth of our Savior!!
Love y’all!

Elder Bean

Christmas came early this year :)  You just never
know how long it will take to get a package to Brasil.

Marzipan, favorite candy!!

Walking miles and miles = holes in shoes

With Rogerio, Jhennifer and their baby, Bryan Arthur

Maria Jovina


Elder Winterbottom

Elder Figueiredo and the jersey he gave me

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