Monday, December 8, 2014

Staying Busy in Gama

Heyy fam!! :))

sorry I wasn’t able to give y’all a big long email update this week!! I promise I’ll send one next week. 

I am so grateful to hear from y’all. I read each one of your emails with love and I print them off so I can read them throughout the week. I cannot thank my Lord enough for the wonderful family he has given me and for my awesome friends. I love y’all so much!! always remember that!!! 


Elder Bean

With Stake President Tome Siqueira

First time I've come across peanut butter in Brasil, 
that equals about eleven American dollars

Maple syrup is as rare as peanut butter, this equals about fourteen dollars

Two weeks ago at church a member came up to me and said, " I have a new 
suit I bought a year ago, used once, and it doesn’t fit me anymore Do you want it??" 
I was like yeahhh dude!! haha. so I got a free suit.

With Elder Willardson

Selfie with the Bishop

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