Monday, December 29, 2014

The Sweet Season of Christmas - Natal!!

E aí!! Feliz Ano Novo para Vocês!!! Espero que O Natal foi ótimo para vocês!!

The week was really good!!! We found some great new investigators that have a lot of potential. To start off the week I stayed in the hospital with Elder Preator while he had kidney stones. We got there Monday night and left Wednesday morning on Christmas eve. He was a trooper. Elder Willardson and Barusso brought us like a survival kit which was funny.
Christmas morning we woke up and made red velvet pancakes which were so good!! then we had a great Christmas lunch at the stake president´s house with his family. The best part of the day definitely was skype!!!! é o melhor!!! gostei muito. 

Me and Elder Willardson are working hard and having a lot of success. It’s been a blast working with him. This week will be his last full week on the mission so we are gonna hit it super hard. He’s a great example of staying strong and enduring to the end on the mission. 

We have some really special families that we are teaching. Being in the lessons, teaching and testifying of Christ, brings a joy that is impossible to explain. The Spirit is so strong and it feels so great just running around and proclaiming the everlasting gospel to everyone we see!!
It is so awesome being here in Brasil. The people are so loving and have big hearts. There is this awesome guy in our church who is from Peru but has lived in Brasil forever. He speaks with a way thick Spanish accent, and speaks a mix of Portugues with Spanish and comes up to about my chest in height. He is such a funny guy with a big heart. He can make anyone feel 10 times better about themselves.
It’s such a blessing being able to make lasting friendships with these people we meet here. I know that I am where I need to be and excited to finish out the next 6 months strong.
I love yall so much!! Christ lives! He is the light and life of the world. 

Elder Bean

Elder Preator had surgery for his kidney stones

This is the hospital room that Elder Preator and I stayed in for two nights,
I had the comfy grey couch to sleep on

Christmas Eve dinner

Sporting our Helaman Strong dog tags

Making the red velvet pancakes

Our "griddle"

Our zone shirt says He is the Gift

So good!!!

Back of our Zone shirts

With the Stake President's family on Christmas

The Ward Mission leader that just got released

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