Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Know Heavenly Father Loves Us • Zone Conference

I’m having a great time here in my new area!! The members at church are awesome!! They help a lot! Our investigator Patrícia went to church and is really progressing towards her baptism on the 31st. We taught her this week at Scott and Cristina´s (Cris) house. Scott and Cris lived in the US and have been here in Brasil for 3 months. Cris is actually Brasilian but she has lived in the US for 10 years and speaks fluent English. Scott works at the US embassy here in Brasília. Its awesome cause they always give us Mountain Dew (which they don’t have in Brasil) whenever we go over since the embassy has stocks of American food and drinks. We also had chips and salsa!!  But the "family home evening" at their house with Patrícia was awesome. They also invited two other ladies from the ward including a recent returned missionary.  We watched the 15 minute video of the Restoration and it was super spiritual. Patrícia (like 30 yrs old) is awesome and really intelligent. She noticed the small details of the movie and was able to point it out at the end. But she has been having trouble with the Book of Mormon, but after the lesson she said how she finally took a chance and decided to read it! And once she started she said she could feel so strong in her heart that what she was reading was true and she couldn’t put it down! It was awesome! 
The professional basketball player in our ward, Lucas, is a stud! He is huge. He is Brasilian and got recruited to go play basketball at BYU-Hawaii. There he got baptized, learned English, and got married to Vanessa, who has always lived in the US but her parents are Brasilian. They are awesome and help a lot. 
We find some great and interesting people here in Asa Sul while doing contacts in the street. The other night we did a contact with this guy from Costa Rica who works at the embassy and has only been here for a month. He only speaks Spanish with like a few Portugues words! He was a way cool guy to talk to about life and the gospel. I was able to understand almost everything he was saying. He heard about our church back in Costa Rica and he accepted our invite to go to church and that we can visit him and his family and start teaching them. 
We had a great zone conference yesterday! It was combined with two zones. We started off watching the movie "Meet the Mormons". Conheça os Mormons.  It was so good! Strengthened my testimony and gave me more desire to go out and continue to help others come unto Christ and spread His word. Im so grateful for all that Heavenly Father has blessed me with and given me. President Lundgren also instructed us. I’m so grateful to have him as my mission president.  He is so spiritual but also so fun to be around and to talk to. 
I hope y’all have a great week and continue to remember thank God always. We can literally communicate with our Heavenly Father through prayer. He knows each and every one of us. Ele conheçe cada um de nós. We lived in His presence before this life. We know Him!  President Ezra Taft Benson said,  "Nothing  is going to startle us more when we pass through the veil to the other side than to realize how well we know our Father and how familiar His face is to us." 
 When we pray to Heavenly Father, we need to remember that we are communicating and conversating with someone who loves us eternally, and who we know very very well and love. He wants us to reach our potential and do our best in this life, so we can one day return and live forever in his presence. He has given us a map (the scriptures), has given us a guide (a living prophet), and guidelines to keep us safe (the commandments). He loves us! Each and every one of you. Never forget that!


Elder Bean

Brasilia and Brasilia Norte (North)  Zones

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