Thursday, March 5, 2015

Heavenly Father Answers Our Prayers


This week was great!! Last Thursday at our family home evening at Scott and Cris´s house with a couple families and 3 investigators, Ritchielle announced to us afterwards that she wants to be baptized!!! On March 7th, so this Saturday!!  It was awesome!! everyone got so excited and the rest of her family was overtaken. It has been an answer to many prayers. Her whole family was baptized in October but she didn’t want to. She wanted to make the decision especially for herself and she sure did!! She is awesome and going to be a strong member of the church. She surprised her boyfriend (returned missionary) at church on Sunday before sacrament meeting! He was completely shocked and he was completely overcome when she asked him if he would baptize her. He has participated with us in most of the lessons, and has done a great job of letting her know how important it is to him personally but not forcing it on her at all. The lesson we had with them on Tuesday was very spiritual and incredible. She had a special light shining from her and we could tell she was really excited and knows she is making the right decision.  She told us how she finally had the courage, to get on her knees and ask God if what we are teaching is true. When she had faith and took courage to do so, Heavenly Father answered her prayer!   She knew for herself that it is all true, and she planned on telling us after family home evening.  It is incredible. Basically all the members will be at the baptism, everyone is so excited and grateful. 
That was definitely the highlight of the week here in Asa Sul. The mission is incredible and it’s so cool how much joy we as missionaries feel when others accept Christ and want to change their lives. As missionaries, we don’t earn any money for being here, we actually pay our way to be here. We don’t get a "bonus check" for a baptism, so many people wonder "why in the world would you want to do that for two years?"   It’s because I know the purpose of this life (Alma 34:32). This life is a preparation to return to our Heavenly Father´s presence. Seeing someone humbly come to know their Savior and be baptized and enter on the straight and narrow path brings more joy than one could imagine. I have been blessed to have this Gospel in my life and to have been born to "goodly parents" who have taught me to follow my Savior and His example. My gratitude for my Savior has grown so much while being here. I don’t believe I am "giving up" 2 years of my life here. I believe that I am gaining my life here! . For all that I have been given from my Heavenly Father, this is the least I can do. And I am so grateful to be here. To help others come to know the truths that I know and cherish. I know Jesus Christ lives and is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I know He loves us and gave us all the opportunity to Choose to follow Him, leave behind all ungodliness, repent when we fall, and use His grace to change us into the sons and daughters of God that we are meant to be.
Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. It’s sad that many people go throughout their lives and days not knowing they have a Loving God who loves them more than they can comprehend. And that they have a Savior who knows them and knows their struggles, and is there for them each and every step of the way. I feel it a privilege and honor to be a representative of Christ for these 2 years, and help others come to know of His eternal everlasting love for each and every one of them. 
#GraçasAEle #BecauseOfHim

Much love,

Elder Bean

Click here to watch: Because of Him video. It's one of my favorite Mormon Messages.

Happy Valentines to me :)

Barbosa and I sporting new Texas shirts!

Elder Clinger and I 

Isaque, my friend from my first area, he just got a mission call to Columbia!

The Brasilia airport at midnight

Just got Grandma Bean's Christmas package after it went around the world two times!

Stress reliever!!

Eating burgers at an awesome food trailer by our apartment.

Waiting for the bus

On Saturday the family that was going to feed us had to go out of town so they gave us
 money to eat out. We went to American Prime Steakhouse...soo good!!

Our apartment is third floor 5th window from left.

My desk in the office

The office

Note the AC unit, we keep it at 18 degrees celsius all day.  It's the only time we get AC

Elder Batista, new in the office

Elder Duarte, Clinger, Barbosa, Me, Batista, Leme

Redson "Red" pronounced "Hedge" in Portuguese 

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