Thursday, March 26, 2015

So Blessed to Be Here in Asa Sul and Cruzeiro

It has been such a blessing to be here in this area, Asa Sul and Cruzeiro. The church and the members here are awesome and I am so grateful to be here. This past week we had to say goodbye to Elder Clinger who returned home. It was really tough seein him leave. He has been an incredible example and great friend to me here. I am gonna miss him a ton but I know he will do great back home. At one of the going away parties for Elder Clinger, me and elder Barbosa made pancakes for everyone and then there was another big party at the Bishop´s house with a ton of members on Monday night to say goodbye to Elder Clinger. It was great to see how grateful all the members were for having had Elder Clinger in the area and showing their appreciation for him.  He deserved it all!! He is a stud!!
I have recently been called to be an Assistant (AP). On Wednesday President called me into his office and told me I would be the new AP. I am really excited about this new opportunity and to be able to help out all the other missionaries. It will be a great learning experience and I am really looking forward to it. My new companion is Elder Duarte. He is a Brazilian from São Paulo and a stud!! My new area is Cruzeiro/Asa Sul.  It is the same ward and area, except I will live in Cruzeiro instead of Asa Sul where I was living. The 4 secretaries live in Asa Sul and the 2 assistants live in Cruzeiro. I am so grateful to be staying in this wonderful ward here!! We are in a trio with Elder Barbosa until the end of the transfer (in a week and a half). I have been so blessed to be companions with Barbosa. He is one of my best buds out here and we have had some awesome experiences together. He will stay in the office and we are still in the same ward at church so I will still see him a ton, which is great. 
This past week we have been getting rain everyday which has been nice. The only bad thing is that it gets in the way of our work sometimes. Elder Barbosa and I have another great idea to help receive more references from the members. We typed up a letter with some inspirational quotes and scriptures along with a personal note from us thanking each family for all they do for us. Inside the card will have a form to fill out with the name and address of the reference they want to give us and we will include some pieces of chocolate in the card as well. ha. We will go by the house of each family and give it to them, and if they aren’t home we will leave it in the mailbox. We have chosen about 25 families from the ward to start off with.
Our recent converts are all doing great here!! Patricia already has a calling and gave an Incredible talk in church about faith and obedience!! She referred to the Story of Nephi and his brothers who weren’t so obedient. It was incredible!  Ritchielle is doing great as well!! She shared with me on Sunday how it was that she felt so sure she needed to be baptized. She was reading the Bible the week leading up to her baptism. She had shown faith by committing herself to be baptized but was feeling unsure cause she wanted to know everything, wanted to a have a perfect knowledge beforehand. As she was readin the Bible, she felt Heavenly Father talking with her as she read a part that basically said she wouldn’t know the truth of all things until she received the Comforter (the Holy Ghost) and she knew that she needed to be baptized and then afterwards she would receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was simple yet powerful and she felt the Spirit so strong confirming to her that she needed to be baptized.  She is awesome!
I am so grateful to be here. So crazy thinking that I have only 4 more months here.  3 more transfers! It has been an incredible journey, and it hasn’t ended yet. I know I need to keep going hard and endure til the end so I can "Leave it all on the Field." 
I love this Gospel!! I love my Savior. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He lives and loves each and everyone of us. I am so excited for this upcoming General Conference the first weekend of April, which will be my last on the mission. We will have the privilege to hear from our beloved prophet, Thomas S. Monson who has been called of God to lead His work here on the earth. This time leading up to Easter, is a great time for each of us to recommit ourselves to Follow Christ and live by his teachings. Accept Him into our hearts and allow Him to make an eternal difference in our lives.
I love you all so much!!


Elder Bean

Here is an incredible new video that explains the importance of Easter and that Jesus Christ is a ressurrected being and lives!!  Because He Lives

An American lady visiting her daughter who lives in Brasil took this pic at church.

Our fridge with the cans of American soda from the Embassy

Milk, we eat granola with milk most mornings

Made popcorn, this is what's left

Saying goodbye to Elder Clinger

Dropping off Elder Clinger at the airport. This is the van that we ride in
everyday driven by Red. The van is called "Branco de Neve" (Snow White)

Trio de Poder - Trio of Power

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