Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Weekend is a Great Opportunity for Us to Recommit Ourselves to Christ and Remember His Resurrection

Hey fam!!

The week was great!! I’m still getting accustomed to the new responsibilities as AP and I am really enjoyin it! It has been a blast. In our mission, we have just under 200 missionaries and they are split into 9 zones (2 zone leaders per zone.) So every night the zone leaders report to me and my companion elder Duarte. One week I talk with 5 zones and he does 4 and then we switch. It has been cool getting reports from the zone leaders and seeing what we can do to help the mission improve and get better. The mission is growing so much already. The number of baptisms per month has gone up a ton! This is the last week of the transfer so we have been having to do a lot of planning and preparing for the next transfer and where the missionaries will be going in their new areas. This Monday, all the mission will get together for transfers at the church in Asa Sul. President and Sister are always there and President will speak to us, and then Elder Duarte and I will announce each area in the mission and which missionaries will be serving there. Transfers are always fun to get together with the other missionaries and see where everyone will be going. Now it is a little different since I already know where everyone will go, instead of being surprised at transfers. Next transfer we will be giving some trainings and doing lots of trades with the other missionaries which will be fun. Last night we all had to stay late at the office so we ordered pizza which was fun! It’s a good time with the other guys in the staff. 
Today we ate American breakfast for Lunch which was pancakes, eggs, and bacon which was incredible!!! Vanessa made it for us. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve eaten like that and it was sooo good!! Vanessa´s husband Lucas is the pro basketball player here for the team in Brasília. 
Our investigators are doing great! We are hoping that they will all be able to go to General Conference this weekend. Chris and Marisa will be there for sure. We are praying so hard that Chris will receive his answer during the conference talks that he needs to take the next step and be baptized. I know he will be baptized someday! It’s just a matter of time. I’ve heard a phrase once that has stuck in my mind and I rely on a lot. "Why wait for true happiness when you can have it right here and right now."  With Chris, we have focused on that a lot with him. This Gospel is the truth and we know it will bless his life and his family. He is improving a ton, and is fulfilling the commitments we leave with him after we teach. He is really sincere and tells you what’s on his mind which I really like about him. He tells us honestly how he feels about something, which helps cause then we know what he does and doesn’t understand.  Chris is awesome.
  I am so stoked for General Conference this weekend and I invite everyone to look into it and watch it! It will be incredible and strengthen our testimonies of our Lord and Savior. This Easter weekend is a great opportunity for us to recommit ourselves to Christ and remember His resurrection. That is the miracle of the Atonement. He suffered for us, died on the cross, and then resurrected, which means that all of us will one day be resurrected as well and will all live again. Graças a Ele, nós viveremos de novo, Because of Him we will all live again. I know He lives and loves each and every one of us. 


Elder Bean

Oh yeah. Starting next week my new "P-Day" will be Monday.  Next Monday will be the day of transfers and will be really busy but I will do my best to try to find time to send emails home.

So for the rest of my mission, Monday will be my email day :) I LOVE YOU ALL 

Lunch at the Lofland's home

Family Home Evening at the Loflands

Elder Barbosa, Duarte, Batista, Leme, Bean

Taking a break to work on my soccer skills!

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