Monday, March 17, 2014

Answer to Prayer


This week flew by. The weeks are starting to feel like days!! Can't believe I will have 8 months already next week!! crazy!!
This week was awesome!! We are hopefully going to have a baptism this Saturday for Maria. 
A couple days ago I got a phone call from Elder Machado, he is still in Santo Antonio. Miss that guy.  He told me that he had someone that wanted to talk to me. it was Danilo!! The first baptism I had here in Brasil!! He is doing awesome!! He is still strong in the church, goes home teaching, and goes to institute once a week!! I was so happy to hear from him!! He is a stud. He is 22, and thinking about maybe serving a mission in a year!!  It is so awesome to see how far he has come from when I met him my second week in Brasil until now!!
It was also good talking to Machado!! Had a lot of good times with him. He said a lot of people still ask about me in Santo, and even when they do contacts with random people in the street, some ask where the big blonde guy went! ha
This week we marked a date for baptism with 15 year old named Aline. Her cousins are members of the church and have been bringing her for a couple weeks. She loves it, and has made a bunch of friends. We set the date for March 29.
We started teaching a guy named Dino. Dude is a champ. We found him while we were knockin on the door of another investigator, who ended up not being home. I looked over saw a door open leading to another house. I felt like we should go and talk with them, and it was this really nice old lady who came to the door to greet us. She let us in and we started talkin with her and her grandkids. About 10 minutes later, this guy walks in and just seems so happy to see us! It was Dino. He is in his 30s. I figured he was gonna be a little ticked since we were already in his house, but he was gracious and made us feel welcomed.
Later in the week, we decided to stop by Dino´s house again, even though we had marked to meet with him on a later day. He was there and with another guy we hadn’t ever met!  Dino was beyond ecstatic to see us!! it was awesome. We found out that the other guy with Dino, was some homeless guy that Dino found in the street and invited him to come over to his house! Dino is a champ!!!! Dino had been praying that God would send someone to help him and his new friend who had a bunch of problems. Few minutes later, we show up :)   He was shocked, and knew it was an answer to his prayer. We taught about the Book of Mormon and about our purpose here on Earth. The homeless guy just broke down. I felt so bad for him. After the lesson, Dino was getting us something to drink and the other guy was really broken down. He was tellin us about his tough breaks in life and how he feels like God and Christ have abandoned him. I felt Heavenly Father´s love for him so much and literally saw him as the Child of God that he is. I was praying so hard that the Spirit would help me know what to say. I just got up and went and sat by Him, put my arm around him, and just started saying whatever came to my mind. It was an incredible experience. The words just flowed out faster than I could think. I felt the Spirit so strong and I knew he did too!  It's stuff like this that you can't plan, but is why I love being a missionary.
We taught a bunch of lessons this week. Some of our investigators are really progressing and some are kind of just not wanting it anymore. It really is tough sometimes, leaving a lesson after just bearing your heart to them, bearing testimony and feeling the Spirit witness to you that what you are sayin is true, but people still choose not to accept it. 
I love being here!! It truly is an incredible experience, being a missionary and preaching the word for two years. I know for a fact it would be impossible without the Lord´s help, to be able to speak to these people in Português and touch their hearts. It's a testimony in itself, that I can speak almost anything I want with only 7 months. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father,  and for all that He has blessed me with. 
I love y’all so much!!!! Vocês tenham uma boa semanã!!!

com amor,

Elder Bean


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