Monday, March 10, 2014

Enjoying These Two Years

Boa Tarde!!!! :)

E aíííí!!!!!! I hope all is going well with yall!!
This week was awesome!! it rained a ton this week, pretty much everyday. But it was a nice break from the heat.
I ate cow stomach this week!!! it was actually pretty good :) the guy made me eat it before tellin me what it was haha. He cut it up in chunks and had it in soup. It was really good!! Today for Pday we played soccer/futebol!! it was awesome. We played with some guys in our zone. Its really fun and getting to talk crap with the Argentinan and Brasilina missionaries :) 
We have 6 people that have dates to be baptized here in March and we are going to invite 4 more people this week!!! We have been workin so hard. We are going to have a Family Home Evening tonight with the Stake President and his family with Lorena, Ercilia, and Gabriel. 
On Saturday, we had an awesome experience. We were leaving the apartment at 10 to start our day and teach a lesson before lunch. Our neighbor across the hall was moving so I asked if we could help carry stuff down. His mom and 18 year old brother were in town to help him, but just them 3. So we helped and then we went with them to his new apartment which is in Central, close to the stadium and helped unload. It was a great experience that helped plant seeds. They talked us into taking us to dinner later that night, and they took us to a wayy nice restaurant. haha We are gonna start teaching the guy, Mauricio. He is 22 years old and a way cool dude! Hopefully it all works out.
Early this week, it was pouring rain so we ran to stay under some cover next to a building until the rain stopped. Next, there is this Little Brasilian guy who is soaking wet and comes up to us. He was really genuine and cool and asked us if we could preach the word to him and his buddies. He then told us that he was about to rob 3 people to help his buddies. In my mind I was like laughing and wondering if this guy was serious. haha. But he took us to his buddies and we read them some scriptures. They loved it. Afterwards I tried to give him a Book of Mormon, but he respectfully said no. I asked why, it’s free. He said he didn’t want to accept in and carry it since he was about to go rob 3 people.  The guy was so grateful and told us how much he loves us missionaries and respects us. I felt bad, most of his buddies we talked to are homeless. The guy feels like he is doing the right thing and was wanting to hear a message about Jesus first.  
I have really grown to love the people here and love Brasil. You bond really fast with the people here and you truly want what is best for them and to be happy. Our investigator invited us to eat pizza with her and her friends at some restaurant for her birthday. We are now teaching one of her friends, and he is really interested. he speaks good English too. 
There are a lot of little things that happen everyday, just in the streets or during lessons or while helping someone that makes a mission so worthwhile and makes me feel so grateful to be here. I love it! I love the other missionaries in my zone and district and love workin with them. It’s a blast teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and having fun doing it! enjoying these two years!!!
I love yall so much!!!! hope yall have a great week!! Obrigado por tudo!!! Eu sou grato por vocês!!

com amor,

Elder Bean

Being a dork after studying

Being a dork with Elder Reis

Gremio jersey

The three Texans

Pretty, dead bird

The Zone!!!!

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