Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Skype was Awesome!!!

E aí,  como está as coisas!?? :))

Nossa Senhora, skyping yesterday was so Awesome!!! Im so grateful that don’t just gotta rely on handwritten letters, but can skype and write emails. I miss yall so much but it was so great getting to talk with yall!!! I was so pumped afterwards!!! 
This week was awesome!!! I picked up Elder Lima on Tuesday!!! My "son"!!! Hes awesome. He is 24 and from Minas Gerais, Brasil.  He has a lot of desire to serve the Lord and just wants to work work and learn learn. I’ve had a blast being his companion and trainer!!!
We marked a baptism date with Dino, (pronounced G-No) for the 31st of May! He is a stud!! We had a super spiritually awesome lesson with him this week and afterwards he said the prayer before we left. It was such a powerful prayer, and he was just bearing his heart to Heavenly Father. He started crying and I’m not gonna lie, i got a little teary. It was legit!!! And then we also marked a date with Nathalia for the 25th of May, someone we met in the street doing contacts. We talked to her and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a way cool dude, he was baptised into the church about 2 years ago but had stopped going about a year ago. We then taught her the next day, and it all just clicked with her! She said it just made sense. Then we promised her that she would receive an answer to her prayers before the 25th of May!! 
Yesterday on Sunday, Sarah (the girl we baptised in February) gave a talk in church and it was awesome!! It was super cool to see her growth in the past few months. Going from teaching her with Elder Tippetts, to seeing her give a great talk about Faith in Church!!! 
I love this Gospel and love being a missionary and helping others come to know what I know and share in the happiness that I have been blessed to have. 
I love yall so much!!!!! Espero que vocês tenham uma ótima semana!!!! :)

Com Amor,

Elder Bean

Studying the gospel!!! 

Me and Elder Lima (his name will probably change to
Elder P. Lima because there is already an Elder Lima in the mission.

Sowards, Lant, Lima, and Me at church on Sunday.

Lunch at house of Agostinho

What I do

Me and Dino!!! He cooked us a feast of fish and meat!!

With Raimundo, Dino's older brother

Dino's neighbor


Testimony in Portuguese

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