Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transferências!!!! Still in Gama. District Leader and Trainer!!

Today was Transfers!! I stayed in Gama!!!!!! whoooooop.  Both me and Elder Sowards stayed here in Gama together!!!! We were super stoked to find that out. And then today at transfers I found out.... IM GONNA BE A DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH whoooooo I'M TRAINING!!!!! hahaha I’m so stoked!!!!  That means my "kid" is still in the MTC right now and he will get here tomorrow!!! I’m pretty sure he will be a Brasilian. Gosh I’m so excited!!!!!  
And on top of that I am also going to be District Leader!!! So crazy!! so with only 9 months and my first time being a Senior companion I will be a District Leader and training!! I’m super stoked! This transfer will be awesome! Elder Lant will be companions with Elder Sowards and he is a really cool guy too. Right now I am in a city called Cruzeiro (near Plano) with Elder Sena and Elder Fonseca. We are staying the day and night here and then tomorrow afternoon we will go and get our new companions. The newbies will arrive at the church tomorrow with President and Sister Gaertner!!!  I feel so blessed and grateful that President Gaertner and the Lord are putting this trust in me and giving me this opportunity to grow and learn!! 
Elder F. Machado and Farias "died" (returned home) on Wednesday!! So after I "killed" F. Machado,  me and elder Sowards were companions until today. It was a good transfer with F. Machado again!! Really prepared me for becoming Senior and my portugues got a ton better. Last night, the Assistants passed over the names of the people in our zone, who was getting transferred or staying. I was super nervous cause I really wanted to stay in Gama! After Sowards got the names, I was so nervous. and then he announced we both stayed!! We were so stoked we just jumped around and celebrated at our investigators house!! haha it was awesome. And then the Assistants said I had to bring an extra pair of clothes to transfers. Which usually means, you’re TRAINING!!  It was an awesome feeling!! I felt like I was actually gonna have a kid!! hahah  I had butterflies in my stomach all day like I use to have before games.  I feel so lucky and blessed. I’m really excited for this opportunity train someone who just got on the mission!!
These past couple weeks have been awesome here in Gama!! We have an investigator, Raimunda, who is progressing really well!! Me and Machado found her doing street contacts. We contacted her Grandson.  We were walking by, and there was a bunch of dudes just sitting against a house. We said hi and kept walking. and after we had already passed them I had the feeling to turn around and go talk to them. So we did, and met Daniel, Raimunda´s grandson. Daniel is a little moley but Raimunda is awesome!! This sweet, kind, funny lady who is in her 60s. She can’t read, but is learning at a school. She has such a deep heart and compassion for us and others. She has been to church the past two weeks!! She can’t walk that great, but a member in the ward here has given her a ride to church each week and taken her home so that has helped a ton! She will probably be baptized on the 17th of May!  Dino has been doing really good too. Me and Sowards taught him the message, The Restoration, again the other day but really straight forward and direct. It was incredible. We brought a member with us, and she bore her testimony at the end and it was so powerful!! Testimonies from the members are so powerful, because it comes from a "normal" person and the investigators can relate more to them. Especially when the member is a convert as well. 
I felt the Spirit so so strong when telling the part of the first vision! It’s just a confirmation to me over and over that it truly did happen. My testimony is strengthened each time. This last time was an incredible experience!!
We have many more investigators that are doing well and progressing!! I think this upcoming week, I will try to do a ton of contacts in the streets to help my new companion learn to feel comfortable sharing the Gospel with everyone. It will be great!!! 
But I am so so excited for... SKYPE!!! YESSSSSS i cant believe Mothers day is almost here already!!!  I saw Olivia’s email.... scared me to death. haah saying she was going out of town and wouldn’t be able to talk with me.. :)) haha she’s hilarious!!! I miss yall so so much!! So excited to get to see yall again!! The time is flying by now in my mission and before I know it I will have 1 year! It’s crazyyy. 
The mission life is incredible. Its awesome how much fun you can have and how happy you are doing this great work!! Coming home exhausted and sometimes beat up mentally but still with a positive attitude!! I have noticed the miracles around me everyday. Helping others come unto Christ, helping others have a better knowledge and better relationship with God, and serving these people with whatever they need is such a blessing to me! Its crazy how, when we truly put others needs above our own, and serve others, we are indeed serving God! And in turn, by serving others, we receive so many blessings for it! I love this Gospel!! Heavenly Father is so awesome!! I am so grateful for the relationship I now have with Him and I can carry that with me, even after my mission!! I love the scriptures and the answers to my prayers that I find in them!! 
This work is true!! I know it is and so grateful to go out everyday, sharing this wonderful message we bring to the world!!!  
I love you!!!!!!!!!

Elder Bean "Pai" 


Me and the Pizza guy are back to being best buds again :) hahaha  whenever we order pizza, its awesome chatting it up with him for 10 minutes. super cool dude

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